Messages of inspiration from President Hinckley

Excerpts from addresses given by President Gordon B. Hinckley.

Believe in the Book of Mormon

Believe in the Book of Mormon, as another witness of the Son of God. This book has come forth as an added testimony to the world of the great truths concerning the Master set forth in the Bible. The Bible is the testament of the Old World. The Book of Mormon is the testament of the New World, and they go hand in hand in testimony of the Lord Jesus Christ.

I can't understand why those of other faiths cannot accept the Book of Mormon. One would think that they would be looking for additional witnesses to the great and solemn truths of the Bible. We have that witness, my brothers and sisters. This marvelous book of inspiration which affirms the validity and the truth of the divine nature of the Son of God. God be thanked for this precious and wonderful testimony. Let us read it. Let us dwell upon its truths. Let us learn its message and be blessed accordingly.

— From Baltimore, Md., member meeting, Nov. 15, 1998

Blessing to live at this time

What a blessing it is to be born in this great day in the history of the world. This day of enlightenment. This day of understanding. This day of discovery. This day of wondrous and wonderful things. Think of the good health we enjoy, the medicines and the scientific discoveries. It is a marvelous and wonderful thing . . . and beyond all of this, are the blessings of this glorious gospel.

— From Sydney, Australia, member fireside, May 14, 1997

Eternal happiness

The greatest asset you will ever have, I don't care how much you've accumulated, the greatest asset you will ever have will be the love and respect and affection of the woman into whose eyes you looked across the altar in the House of the Lord, and to whom you pledged your love and loyalty and affection for time and eternity. If you get to the highest degree of glory in the Celestial Kingdom, you won't get there alone. You'll get there walking hand in hand with your sweetheart.

— From Salt Lake City, regional conference, Feb. 7, 1998

Family prayer

Family prayer . . . that is a practice, once very common, that is largely disappearing. I believe that the very act of people supplicating the Lord in prayer, night and morning, would have a most salutary effect upon our civilization and our lives.

— Houston, Texas, regional conference, Sept. 20, 1998

Investigation of the Church

I would like to welcome every man, every woman, every child who is not a member of this Church and urge you to go forward in your investigation. Keep your minds open. Listen to what the missionaries teach you. Get on your knees and pray to the Lord and ask Him whether or not it is true. I promise that if you will do so in humility and faith, by the power of the Holy Ghost, you will know the truth of this great work and you will come to taste of a happiness that you have never before known in all of your lives. God bless you, our dear friends, you who may not be of this faith. May the light and power and understanding rest upon you and bring the truth into your various homes.

— From Schenectady, N.Y., member meeting, Oct. 17, 1998

Love the work

Love the work. Don't do it grudgingly. Smile about it. Be happy in doing your duty. Shape up and say your prayers. Everything will be all right.

— Houston, Texas, regional conference, Sept. 19, 1998

Only true Church

The Lord said that this is the only true and living Church upon the face of the earth with which He is well-pleased. I didn't say that. Those are His words. The Prophet Joseph was told that the other sects were wrong. Those are not my words. Those are the Lord's words. But they are hard words for those of other faiths. We don't need to exploit them. We just need to be kind and good and gracious people to others, showing by our example the great truth of that which we believe, and leading them in the direction which we would like to see them go.

— From North Ogden, Utah, regional conference, May 3, 1998


Are you an honest tithe payer? Are you keeping the commandments of the Lord with reference to the payment of your tithes and offerings? It isn't a matter of money, it is a matter of faith. The Lord has made a promise like no other promise ever made, that those who walk in obedience to these commandments, He would favor in opening the windows of heaven and "pour you out a blessing, that [there shall] not [be room] enough [to receive it]." (See Malachi 3:10.) The Lord keeps His promise. He does open the windows of heaven to bless those who live honestly with Him.

— Greenville, N. C., member meeting, Nov. 13, 1998


I'm grateful for these young people in the Church. . . . Upon your shoulders, my dear young friends, will rest the future of the Church. Great is your responsibility. Live worthy of the great and sacred and wonderful thing which you have. Obey the commandments of God. Follow the path which He has outlined.

— Cape Town, South Africa, member meeting, Feb. 20, 1998

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