New stake presidencies

Two new stakes have been created in the Philippines and in Utah.

The Daet Philippines Stake, which includes the Daet 1st and 2nd, Labo, Mercedes and San Vicente wards, and the Basud, Talisay and Vinzons branches, has been created by Elder Merrill C. Oaks of the Seventy.

The Syracuse Utah West Stake, which includes the Canterbury Park, Huckleberry, and Syracuse 1st, 6th, 8th and 10th wards, has been created by Elder Vaughn J. Featherstone of the Seventy.

Elsewhere, stakes have been reorganized in Brazil, Nova Scotia, Peru and the Philippines, and in California, Rhode Island, Montana and Utah..


DAET PHILIPPINES STAKE: (April 30, 2000) Created from the Daet Philippines District. President — Aquilino Zapanta Aloc, 39, agriculturist for Provet, LGU; wife, Emma Panesa Nova Aloc. Counselors — Ernesto Baay Bacuno, 49, grains operations assistant for NFA; wife, Aurora Villarino Santiago Bacuno. Domingo Julia Boitizon, 66, roving inspector for Philtranco; wife, Leticia Zantua Pardo Boitizon.

SYRACUSE UTAH WEST STAKE: (April 30, 2000) Created from the Syracuse Utah and Syracuse Utah South Stakes. President — David Lawrence Cook Jr., 42, general manager of R. C. Willey Home Furnishings; wife, Teresa Mecham Cook. Counselors — Norman David Wilcox, 59, facilities manager for Church; wife, Joy Wilhelmsen Wilcox. J. Kelly Hansen, 49, registered representative for Washington Square Securities Inc.; wife, Sandra Jean Turner Hansen.


BRASILIA BRAZIL STAKE: (April 30, 2000) President — Joao Santos Marinho Jr., 33, judicial analyst for Superior Tribunal of Justice; succeeding Ronaldo Da Costa; wife, Anna Lucia Carvalho da Silva de Marinho. Counselors — Luiz Carlos Custodio da Silva, 39, policeman; wife, Norma Suely Pedrosa Ferreira Custodio. Paulo Henrique De Carvalho, 43, division assistant for Minister of Defense; wife, Elisabeth Monteiro De Remos Carvalho.

BUTTE MONTANA STAKE: (May 7, 2000) President — Willis D. Weight, 45, professor at Montana Tech; succeeding Kelly P. Hemmert; wife, Stephanie Wheeler Weight. Counselors — Clayton Ray Hildreth, 47, self-employed businessman and salesman for Prudential; wife, Christine Larsen Hildreth. Bryan King Flake, 43, human resource manager for ASIMI; wife, MayLynn Bird Flake.

CHICLAYO PERU LATINA STAKE: (April 30, 2000) President — Luis Arroyo S., 56, manager of business services; succeeding Oswaldo Humberto Tello Mier Y Teran; wife, Deaniro Esperanzo Obanao P. de Arroyo. Counselors — Octavio Quiroz D., 63, self-employed farmer; wife, Grimaueza Rosa Lerre Auguna de Quiroz. Jose Asencio P., 53, Church custodian; wife, Deidania Horna P. de Asencio.

DARTMOUTH NOVA SCOTIA STAKE: (May 7, 2000) President — Gilbert A. J. Smith, 43, sales representative for EMCO Building Products; succeeding Stephen Allen Maxwell; wife, Ann Leah MacInnis Smith. Counselors — Lloyd George Hart, 56, vice president of Credit Union Atlantic; wife, Cynthia Maria Downton Hart. Edward J. Wohlmuth, 30, program/training facilitator for Department of Justice; wife, Brooke Dana MacDonald Wohlmuth.

GAPAN PHILIPPINES STAKE: (May 7, 2000) President — Efren A. Manalang, 34, president of HPM General Services; succeeding Rogelio Young Salvador; wife, Virma DeLeon Santiago Manalang. Counselors — Marcelino A. De Lara, retained. Benjamin B. Corporal Sr., 58, salesman for Philippines General Merchandizing Corp.; wife, Erlinda Salamat Corporal.

PROVIDENCE RHODE ISLAND STAKE: (May 7, 2000) President — Perc William Reeve, 47, assistant director of regulatory affairs for Pfizer Inc.; succeeding Stanford Ellis Demars; wife, Connie Jean Lungman Reeve. Counselors — L. C. Maxfield, 53, assistant director-University Center for Instructional Media for University of Connecticut; wife, Mary A. Jones Maxfield. Walter V. Rehon Jr., 41, finance manager for Texas Instruments; wife, Shauna Kam-Lan Au-Yeung Rehon.

PIURA PERU MIRAFLORES STAKE: (March 19, 2000) President — Luis Francisco Calle Z., 41, teacher; succeeding Jose Alberto Castillo Saldarriaga; wife, Norma Ollaguez R. de Calle. Counselors — Jaime Vilchez A., 43, lab technician for Apouo & Sulliana Hospital; wife, Griseisa Martha Romero J. de Vilchez. Raul Eloy Castillo G., 58, administrator for Plan International; wife, Rosa Elena Calle G. de Castillo.

SAO CARLOS BRAZIL STAKE: (May 7, 2000) President — Julio Cesar Nagliati, 41, physician; succeeding Justino Carlos Archiza Peres: wife, Tatiana Coletes Fusco Nagliati. Counselors — Salvador Marques Jr., 32, audiovisual technician for University of Federal Sao Carlos; wife, Lenita Aparecida Oliveira Marques. Jair Moretti, 52, technician for Cardenali LTDA Business Industries; wife, Isabel Cristina Profiti Moretti.

SYRACUSE UTAH STAKE: (April 30, 2000) President — Mark D. Palmer, 43, attorney and owner of Palmer & Palmer L.C.; succeeding David L. Cook; wife, Joan Mitchell Palmer. Counselors — Craig K. Sedgwick, 45, printing center manager for Church; wife, Connie Thayne Sedgwick. J. Michael Moyes, 49, city manager for city of Syracuse; wife, Marlene Jones Moyes.

SYRACUSE UTAH SOUTH STAKE: (April 30, 2000) President — Lyle Richard Elmore, 58, regional director for Health Services Corp. of America; succeeding Wesley Miller White; wife, Linda Mitton Elmore. Counselors — James R. Brandt, 45, electrical engineer for Boeing; wife, Pamela Mae Drake Brandt. George Michael Hamblin, 46, pharmacist and owner of Professional Plaza Pharmacy; wife, Sharon Elaine Johnston Hamblin.

VACAVILLE CALIFORNIA STAKE: (May 7, 2000) President — Richard Edwin Bell, 47, physician for North Bay Neonatology; succeeding E. Gordon Wells Jr.; wife, Giselle Bertelson Bell. Counselors — Ronald Bailey Clark, 49, owner of Zumwall Ford-Mercury; wife, Rhonda Walker Clark. Ronald Keith Hawkins, 47, director of personnel for Vacaville Unified School District; wife, Amelia Sue (Amy) Barrus Hawkins.

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