Gold and Green Ball revived in Maine

CARIBOU, Maine — A small group of young adults here planned and hosted a Gold and Green Ball, an event that hasn't been held in the Caribou Ward for nearly 20 years.

"My mother used to tell me about the Gold and Green Ball and how they held one every year in this ward when she was young," said Rachel Morrow, one of the Caribou Ward young adult leaders. "Our young adult group decided that since there hadn't been a dance here for so long, we would hold one ourselves."

The young adults spent three months planning the event and inviting everyone throughout the stake, which included northern Maine and New Brunswick, Canada. They also invited all the members in the entire state of Maine.

"Our goal was to plan a great event so that everyone could dress up, have fun and get to know each other better," said April Bouchard, another young adult who helped plan the event.

To their delight, more than 90 people attended the dance from places as close as the Caribou Ward, and as far away as St. John in New Brunswick and St. Stephen in Calais, Maine. Many regarded the evening as a complete success.

"It's the best dance I've ever been to, and I've lived in several other wards. Adults, youth, young adults — everyone was on the dance floor. And we were all having a great time. Everyone was just really comfortable with everyone else," said Tami Curtis.

The young adults agreed that the Gold and Green Ball turned out better than they had ever imagined. "There was great food, great music, beautiful decorations. A lot of people who came told us they can't wait to do it again," said young adult, Derek Strelka.

The young adults of the Caribou Ward learned that no matter how few their numbers, they can accomplish anything if they work together, said Sister Morrow.

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