Hinckley milestones

Like many of his prophetic predecessors, President Gordon B. Hinckley is a leader firmly rooted in the faith's past — yet keenly focused on its future.

Recent Church milestones are emblematic of President Hinckley's progressive mission as he leads the work into a new millennium.

â Last April, the new 21,000-seat Conference Center hosted the largest general conference gathering of the 170-year history of the Church. The majestic structure, which was designed and constructed under the watchful eye of President Hinckley, will be a forum for delivering the future messages and counsel of Church leaders to faithful people throughout the world.

President Hinckley said that he envisions the Conference Center as a future gathering place for spiritual, musical and cultural feasts.

"We hope those not of our faith will come here and experience the ambiance of this beautiful place and feel grateful for its presence," President Hinckley said at the 170th Annual General Conference in April, 2000.

â At that same conference, President Hinckley reconfirmed the Church's dedication to future temple building across the globe with the announcement of new temples in countries such as Nigeria, Paraguay and Finland. He has become synonymous with temple work and the Church's ongoing commitment to redeem the dead following a record period of temple construction in recent years.

â Under President Hinckley's watch, the Church is also looking to developing technology to further the gospel. The Church's remarkably popular FamilySearch Internet demonstrates President Hinckley's ongoing commitment to enlist invention to communicate, educate and proliferate the eternal message of the Church.

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