New temple president

Meliton and Juana Lagunes

Meliton Lagunes Caliz, 67, Veracruz Mexico Mocambo Stake, called as president of the new Veracruz Mexico Temple, which will be dedicated July 9. President Lagunes' wife, Juana Victor Ramirez de Lagunes, will serve as temple matron. President Lagunes, a stake patriarch, served as counselor in the Mexico City Mexico Temple presidency, and as bishop and bishop's counselor. He and his wife also served as missionaries in the Mexico City Temple. He is a retired businessman. He was born in Medellin de Bravo, Mexico, to Benigno Lagunes Gomez and Ciria Caliz Vareta de Gomez. Sister Lagunes is a former Primary and Relief Society president, and Sunday School teacher. She was born in Veracruz, Mexico, to Juan Victor Zamora and Rita Ramirez Martinez de Zamora.

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