President Hinckley: A husband plus $150: "We are in good shape!"

Marjorie P. Hinckley clearly remembers coming home from an early date with a young Gordon B. Hinckley. Her mother asked how the evening had gone and she answered: "It was great. This is a young man who is going places," according to the April 19, 1997, Church News. The couple married in the Salt Lake Temple in 1937 and they are still going places.

In their early married years, they had little in worldly goods. He was making $185 a month when they married. Sister Hinckley, according to the Church News article, recalled: "I remember him calling me one day before we were married and saying, 'We have got to call this off. I've only got $150 to my name.' And I said, 'I get a husband plus $150. We are in good shape!"

Speaking of their years of working side by side as husband and wife, Sister Hinckley added: "You cannot be selfish in marriage. You have to have as your first priority the happiness and comfort of your spouse. If you work on that, then you are happy, too."

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