President Hinckley: 'Grandpa' offers gifts of laughter, confidence

Over the years, Michael Hinckley has stopped by the home of his grandfather, President Gordon B. Hinckley. Immediately his grandfather "puts aside what he is doing . . . and asks me all about what I'm doing."

Michael recalls on one occasion being somewhat discouraged about dating and marriage. His grandfather said to him: " 'How old are you?' I said, '24.' He said, 'Oh, you have at least three years.' I said, 'What will you say to me when I'm 27 and still not married?'

He said, 'I'll say you have another three years!'"

Celia B. Benson will always remember the Christmas party she attended at her grandparents' home last December. During the party she began to think about gifts from her grandfather — including laughter and confidence.

"Time spent with Grandpa is time spent laughing," she said.

"Whenever I have faced challenges or have had major decisions to make, he has always been accessible," she added.

As the party ended President Hinckley gave his grandchildren another gift — a picture of their grandmother. "He expressed to us his deep and abiding love for her. . . . He then went on to express his love, confidence and faith in each of us as individuals."

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