Suva dedicatory prayer excerpts: 'May be blessed with peace'

Following are excerpts from the dedicatory prayer for the Suva Fiji Temple given by President Gordon B. Hinckley on June 18, 2000. Full text of the dedicatory prayer can be found on the Church News Web site:

We are grateful for this day of dedication, that Thou hast favored us with a temple in this island nation. No longer will we have to travel far across the seas to do that work which Thou hast established as sacred and necessary for Thy Saints in this latter-day dispensation. Thou hast heard our prayers and hearkened to our entreaties that this blessing might come to us. How beautiful is Thy house, O Lord. How wonderful is the great plan of happiness for Thy children. . . .

We pray dear Father that these beautiful islands may be blessed with peace, that there shall be no abridgement of the great freedom of worship afforded by the government of this land. May Thy Saints be recognized as good citizens and may Thy work grow and flourish in this favored part of Thy vineyard.

Forgive our shortcomings of the past, and help us to rise above them as men and women of the covenant.

Almighty God, we acknowledge Thee as the giver of every good gift. We thank Thee.

We pledge to Thee our love and service. We love Thee, our Eternal Father. We love Thy Divine Son, who gave His life for each of us. May we go forward as those who have taken upon ourselves His holy name with a pledge to keep His commandments. . . .

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