New stake presidencies

Stakes have been reorganized in Bolivia, New Zealand and Peru, and in Hawaii, Mississippi, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Tennessee and Utah.


BOUNTIFUL UTAH MUELLER PARK STAKE: (May 21, 2000) President — David L. Beck, 47, manager and owner of Pro-Mark; succeeding Jeffrey N. Clayton; wife, Robyn Lyn Ericksen Beck. Counselors — Daniel O. Clegg, 48, professor of medicine at University of Utah; wife, Laurie McMullin Clegg. David J. Crapo, 40, attorney at Wood Crapo LLC; wife, Teresa Lynn Call Crapo.

BYU-HAWAII 2ND STAKE: (May 21, 2000) President — Norman W. Evans, 46, teacher at BYU-Hawaii; succeeding Garth Lamar Allred; wife, KayLynn Bowen Evans. Counselors — Isileli Tupou Kongaika, 52, vice president of student life at BYU-Hawaii; wife, Ruth Elyane Anderson Kongaika. Bret Randall Ellis, 39, chief information officer at BYU-Hawaii; wife, Laurel Pulley Ellis.

CENTERVILLE UTAH STAKE: (May 21, 2000) President — Michael M. Thomas, 47, tax director for the Church; succeeding Dee Christian Hansen; wife, Theresa Robertson Thomas. Counselors — Terry M. Lotz, 52, compensation analyst for the Church; wife, Marilyn Merle Bower Lotz. Walter L. Baker, 46, engineering manager for Utah Division of Water Quality; wife, Celia Rowley Baker.

CHIMBOTE PERU STAKE: (May 7, 2000) President — Pablo Hernan Pena T., 33, sales agent for Mercury Partners; succeeding Modesto Raymundo Carlos Matos; wife, Matilde Santos Campos C. de Pena. Counselors — Marlon Joaquin Mendez N., 26, medical representative; wife, Ofelia Flor Alcalde C. de Mendez. Ronald Richard Alva A., 32, project engineer for shrimp business; wife, Yris Noemi Mostacero Q. de Alva.

CHRISTCHURCH NEW ZEALAND STAKE: (May 21, 2000) President — Selesi'utele Lavea, 40, factory worker for Advanced Door Systems; succeeding Barry Andrew Mitchell; wife, Camellia Ligaliga Lavea. Counselors — David Kenneth Healy, 48, senior technical officer for University of Canterbury; wife, Jacqueline Patricia Ireland Healy. Maurice D. McDonald, 35, self-employed employment consultant; wife, Carol Joan Maisey McDonald.

GREENSBORO NORTH CAROLINA STAKE: (May 7, 2000) President — Richard C. Baier, 50, attorney and assistant vice president of Jefferson Pilot Finance; succeeding James Mitchel Scott; wife, Laura Ann Dale Baier. Counselors — Mark Alan Amacher, 44, senior vice president of American International Group and chairman of Centre Capital Group; wife, Patricia Allen Amacher. Jeffrey Lynn Case, 46, manager of government relations for Novartis; wife, LeAnne Sharp Case.

LIMA PERU LAS FLORES STAKE: (May 21, 2000) President — Carlos Benites R., 49, executive management consultant for Peru Ocean Institute; succeeding Pablo Martel Pena; wife, Mirva Elizabeth Cotrina S. de Benites. Counselors — Christian Martel G., 32, sales executive for Petco S.A.; wife, Sonia Yolanda Chombo F. de Martel. Dedicacion Zorrilla R., 52, legal assistant for legal publication; wife, Telestora Estelita Palma Q. de Zorrilla.

LOGANDALE NEVADA STAKE: (June 4, 2000) President — Asahel Ira Robison, 57, consultant for Robison/Seidler Inc.; succeeding Alma Wilford Whipple; wife, Anna MaRie Hoyt Robison. Counselors — James Lee Robison, 52, program administrator for Clark County Parks & Recreation; wife, Larene C. Leatham Robison. James Montgomery Bledsoe Jr., 38, general contractor for Brimont Construction; wife, Laura Lyman Bledsoe.

MEMPHIS TENNESSEE NORTH STAKE: (May 7, 2000) President — Timothy A. Taylor, 49, shop supervisor for Hidden Safes Inc.; succeeding V. Lane Rawlins; wife, Patsy Dianne White Taylor. Counselors — M. Lloyd Shirley, 58, assistant sales manager for Aon; wife, Sandra Faye Garrett Shirley. C. James Wilson Jr., 55, dentist; wife, Lynne Diane Harrison Wilson.

NASHVILLE TENNESSEE STAKE: (June 4, 2000) President — Brent J. Ostermiller, 51, program manager for Wright Industries; succeeding Billy J. Eaves; wife, Joyce Fay McCoy Ostermiller. Counselors — Terry G. Bjarnson, 47, merchandise manager for Camping World; wife, Kara Louise Hedin Bjarnson. Ronald E. Wade, 59, president of Western Plastics; wife, Penny Sheral Broom Wade.

SANTA CRUZ BOLIVIA PARAISO STAKE: (June 4, 2000) President — Manuel Gutierrez B., 35, international trade operator for Unabro Corporation; succeeding Erwin Aguilera Stades; wife, Sandra Lilian Rivero C. de Gutierrez. Counselors — Adrian Artunduaga S., 30, area head of agronomy for Gabriel Rene Moreno University; wife, Amyra Roxana Vasquez L. de Artunduaga. Daniel Leanto F., 31, self-employed manager; wife, Lucia Gabriela Escobar P. de Leanto.

SANTA FE NEW MEXICO STAKE: (June 4, 2000) President — Russell T. Pack, 62, laboratory fellow at Los Alamos National Lab.; succeeding E. Ray Martin; wife, Marion Myrth Hassell Pack. Counselors — H. Thomas Blair, 57, team leader and staff member at University of California; wife, Bette Jane Evans Blair. Kent B. Whitton, 47, industrial designer for Eberline Instructions; wife, Linda Anne Dellefield Whitton.

TUPELO MISSISSIPPI STAKE: (April 30, 2000) President — Harry T. Brown, 48, executive director for Blood Systems Inc.; succeeding T. Evan Nebeker; wife, Linda Faye Sherwood Brown. Counselors — Larry Gordon Babcock, 49, manufacturing/quality manager for The Biltrite Corporation; wife, Maureen Lynn DeMott Babcock. Parley Kurt Thorderson, 37, orthopedic surgeon; wife, Tera Ramsay Thorderson.

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