Missionary moment: 'Weighed on mind'

In winter 1998, my ward at BYU decided to spread the gospel by passing out copies of the Book of Mormon. Every couple received a book to give away. Begrudgingly, I accepted a copy.

I was stumped. I couldn't think of a single non-member to give the book to. Since I lived in Provo, Utah, I realized that everybody I know was LDS, and I wondered how I was supposed to give that Book of Mormon away. I put it in my car, under the seat, and decided to forget about it.

However, instead of forgetting the book, I was reminded of it every time I sat down in the car. It would slide around and peek out from under the seat. But I still didn't know who I could present it to. It weighed on my mind.

The weekend before that Christmas my husband and I visited his family in central Utah. We were driving back when we saw a van by the side of the road and stopped to offer assistance. The driver told us that he was out of gas, so we gave him a ride to the nearest gas station, which was 15 miles away.

As we drove, the man introduced himself. He told us that his family was from California, driving across the country to visit relatives for the holidays. We learned that he was not LDS. Then I started thinking about my copy of the Book of Mormon, which was still sliding around under the car seat. This family might be able to use it.

When we left the man at his car, I told my idea to my husband, Laramie. He agreed with me. We walked over and introduced ourselves to his stranded family, told them a little bit about our religion and gave them the Book of Mormon. They responded positilvey and said they would probably read it.

I learned on that day that the Lord will help us do what He asks. He led us to a family we could serve and helped us to share the Book of Mormon with them. We do have opportunities to share the gospel. Also, I learned we need to serve others and befriend them in order to truly share the gospel with them. The service was the reason we were able to share the Book of Mormon with this family. However, we didn't stop with the intention of preaching to them. We stopped with the intention of helping. Had they not accepted the Book of Mormon, we still would have felt good.

We have since graduated from BYU and are looking forward to more missionary opportunities this fall while we attend further schooling in England. — Loralee Leavitt, Bellevue 1st Ward, Bellevue Washington Stake

Another in a series of "Missionary Moments."

Illustration by John Clark.

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