New stake presidencies

Five stakes have been created in the Philippines, and in New Mexico.

The Albuquerque New Mexico West Stake, which includes the Bernalillo, Corrales, Panorama Heights, Paradise Hills, Star Heights, Taylor Ranch and Volcano Cliffs wards, and To'hajillee, Regina and West Mesa branches, has been created by Elder Rex D. Pinegar of the Seventy.

The Bacolod Philippines South Stake, which includes the Handumanan, Mansilingan 1st and 2nd, Paglaum Village and Tangub wards, and the Alijis and Sum-ag branches, has been created by Elder Merrill C. Oaks of the Seventy.

The Fairview Philippines Stake, which includes the Batasan Hills 1st and 2nd, Don Antonio, Fairview, Lagro and Mapayapa wards, has been created by Elder Val R. Christensen of the Seventy.

The Goa Philippines Stake, which includes the Goa 1st and 2nd, Lagonoy 1st and 2nd, Ocampo, San Jose and Tigaon wards and the San Roque branch, has been created by Elder Val R. Christensen of the Seventy.

The Montalban Philippines Stake, which includes the Ampid, Burgos, San Jose 1st, San Mateo and San Rafael wards and the Amityville and Manggahan branches, has been created by Elder Duane B. Gerrard of the Seventy.

Elsewhere, stakes have been reorganized in Argentina, England, Japan and the Philippines, and in California, New Mexico, Utah and Washington.


ALBUQUERQUE NEW MEXICO WEST STAKE: (May 21, 2000) Created from the Albuquerque New Mexico, Albuquerque New Mexico East and Albuquerque New Mexico South stakes. President — Lane S. Sego, 47, owner of Pro Services of New Mexico, and Rio Grancho Transfer Mortgage and Distribution Center; wife, Rhonda Lynn Leath Sego. Counselors — Ben Murphy Allen, 48, lawyer at Hatch, Allen & Shepherd; wife, Joycelyn Richins Allen. Robert M. Sego, 56, accountant for New Mexico Department of Corrections; wife, Nora Ann Call Sego.

BACOLOD PHILIPPINES SOUTH STAKE: (June 4, 2000) Created from the Bacolod Philippines and Bacolod Philippines North stakes. President — Avelino N. Santillan, 36, head teacher for Department of Education, Culture & Sports; wife, Leonor Rosario Maquiran Santillan. Counselors — Joel B. Macariola, 39, institute director for Church Educational System; wife, Joan Campbell Navarro Macariola. Cesar Pomarin Cagaquite Sr., 58, custodian for Church area office; wife, Wilma Dela Penta Macarayo Cagaquite.

FAIRVIEW PHILIPPINES STAKE: (June 11, 2000) Created from the Fairview Philippines District. President — Raul Antonio V. Jose, 40, sales and marketing consultant for Starworks Inc.; wife, Maria Bernarda Aida Jacinto Canizares Jose. Counselors — Kim S. Antenorcruz, 37, fiberglass specialist for Polymer Prod. Inc.; wife, Maria Rina Claravall Antenorcruz. Noel Magcawas De Los Santos, 27, Church membership information system processor for Church area office; wife, Raquel Licayan Pangilinan Delos Santos.

GOA PHILIPPINES STAKE: (May 28, 2000) Created from the Goa Philippines District. President — Edgar Pia Pesimo Sr., 36, secondary school teacher; wife, Myra Dolor Radriguez Pesimo. Counselors — Villarvel Avila Adote, 56, self-employed farmer; wife, Nelia Abante Adote. Wilfredo Bebat Belleza Sr., 51, farmer; wife, Flora Juntado Belleza.

MONTALBAN PHILIPPINES STAKE: (June 4, 2000) Created from the Montalban Philippines District. President — Hernelio Alos Baradi, 45, prefect of discipline for Our Lord's Grace Montessori; wife, Milagrina Malda Sales Baradi. Counselors — Robert del Ayre Padilla, 56, self-employed foreman; wife, Lolita Ocol Olalo Padilla. Rogelio Ledesma Canto, 61, division manager for T. D. Vora Realty; wife, Edna Quimpo Panadero Canto.


ALBUQUERQUE NEW MEXICO STAKE: (May 21, 2000) President — Ronald W. Grossarth, 61, manager of Public Service Company of New Mexico; succeeding Lane S. Sego; wife, Ellen "K" Robins Grossarth. Counselors — Kenneth R. Williams, 54, logistics manager for Philips Semiconductors; wife, Marilyn Roberta Ray Williams. Todd R. Jones, 48, manager of Sandia National Labs; wife, Ethel Jeanine Hagler Jones.

ALBUQUERQUE NEW MEXICO EAST STAKE: (May 21, 2000) President — W. James Kearns, 52, realtor for Western Heritage Realty; succeeding Ronald W. Grossarth; wife, Donna Tayler Kearns. Counselors — Roger Lee Payne, 45, deputy chief for state of New Mexico; wife, Louise Ellen Windham Payne. Brett Lynne Remund, 37, manager for Sandia National Labs; wife, Kelly Anne Harman Remund.

BACOLOD PHILIPPINES STAKE: (June 4, 2000) President — Rey Dubalan Derla, 39, project engineer for N.Y. Ong Construction Corp.; succeeding Avelino Nonod Santillan; wife, Imelda Catalan Miramrel Derla. Counselors — Benjamin Sardina Candari Jr., 55, attorney; wife, Azucena Malacad Candari. Rogue Seville Geocadin, 40, self-employed; wife, Mary Ann Demegilio Vivas Geocadin.

BACOLOD PHILIPPINES NORTH STAKE: (June 4, 2000) President — Francis Cruz Guanzon, 36, operations and maintenance supervisor for Church area office; succeeding Jon Jon Trimucha Sia; wife, Jessica Omandac Guanzon. Counselors — Jaime Gonzales Hingco Jr., 41, records officer for Dept. of Agrarian Reform; wife, Maria Teresa Lantape Cordova Hingco. Herminigildo Balacario Dudas Jr., 29, credit collector for Benes Enterprises; wife, Vivian Grace Dislag Villaram Dudas.

BELLINGHAM WASHINGTON STAKE: (June 11, 2000) President — John W. Hoyt, 45, pathologist for NW Regional Pathology; succeeding Daniel T. Barrett; wife, Marsha Ann Meyers Hoyt. Counselors — Brent A. Youngberg, 54, coordinator for Church Educational System; wife, Ruth Ann Thorne Youngberg. Charles R. Usery, 39, regional manager for Option Care; wife, Beth Marie Bartlett Usery.

BUENOS AIRES ARGENTINA ADROGUE STAKE: (May 21, 2000) President — Pablo Roberto Felip, 28, real estate tax specialist for Church area office; succeeding Enrique Manuel Garcia; wife, Graciela Noemi Lopez N. de Felip. Counselors — Alberto Luis Alfonzo, retained. Jorge Omar Sigal, 39, manager for Owns Chemical Co.; wife, Nancy Edith Straschenco de Sigal.

CITRUS HEIGHTS CALIFORNIA STAKE: (June 11, 2000) President — Marlon S. Smith, 43, dentist; succeeding Grant Gunnell; wife, Suzanne Gayle Pebley Smith. Counselors — Bradley C. Andersen, 40, commercial loan officer for Wells Fargo Bank; wife, Julie Ann Price Andersen. Gary P. McFadyen, 49, area manager of sales and marketing for Pacific Bell; wife, Deborah Ann Triano McFadyen.

LAGUNA NIGUEL CALIFORNIA STAKE: (June 11, 2000) President — Daniel Clyde Hunter III, 53, self-employed real estate builder and developer; succeeding Alvin G. Clawson; wife, Beverly Buttars Hunter. Counselors — Rondell B. Hanson, 62, partner of Meadows Management Co.; wife, Joyce Pugmire Hanson. Curtis Denzil Reese, 38, sales manager for Plizer Pharmaceuticals; wife, Diane Davis Reese.

LOS LUNAS NEW MEXICO STAKE (FORMERLY ALBUQUERQUE NEW MEXICO SOUTH STAKE): (May 21, 2000) President — Reid B. Grigg, 49, senior engineer for New Mexico Tech; succeeding Cayetano Aguilar; wife, Darryle Blades Andersen Grigg. Counselors — Tim Jones, 50, engineer for Philips Semiconductor; wife, Cindy-Rae Williams Jones. Samuel Garcia Velazco, 60, custodian for Church area office; wife, Gloria Chavez Garcia.

PLEASANT GROVE UTAH EAST STAKE: (June 11, 2000) President — Gary R. Ridge, 53, podiatric physician; succeeding Douglas L. Weight; wife, Judy Ann Brimley Ridge. Counselors — Scott K. Shumway, 46, president of Haderlie Risk Service; wife, Anne Haderlie Shumway. Paul T. Burgon, 46, project manager for Ellsworth Peck and superintendent of Knight West Construction; wife, LaDell Byington Burgon.

PRESTON ENGLAND STAKE: (June 4, 2000) President — Malcolm Gordon Beverley, 43, lawyer; succeeding Joseph Leece Jr.; wife, Linda Anne Coull Beverley. Counselors — Graham Thomas Dunn, 44, assistant recorder for Preston England Temple; wife, Elaine Kerfoot Dunn. Bryan Loynes, 42, national sales manager for B.C.L. Group; wife, Linda Margaret Owen Loynes.

SALT LAKE MOUNT OLYMPUS NORTH STAKE: (June 11, 2000) President — James Henry Bekker, 44, pediatric dentist; succeeding W. Lowell Benson; wife, Delsie Anne Johansen Bekker. Counselors — Rawland Graff Crosby, 48, general manager of Block Management; wife, Carol Jean Cahoon Crosby. Thomas Charles Fredrick, 57, president of Western Explosives Systems Co.; wife, Barbara Faye Johnston Fredrick.

SHIZUOKA JAPAN STAKE: (June 4, 2000) President — Tetsunori Matsumoto, 50, manager of Fuji City Hall; succeeding Ogawa Shuuichirou; wife, Masako Takahashi Matsumoto. Counselors — Kojiro Mitsuya, 47, legal administrator for Stratus Computer Japan Co. Ltd.; wife, Sasako Sakai Mitsuya. Shuhei Kamada, 44, junior high school teacher; wife, Atsuko Tsukiji Kamada.

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