BYU professors promote marriage

DENVER, Colo. — Leaders of a broad-based, bipartisan marriage movement, including several BYU professors, came together June 29 at the Smart Marriage Conference here to release a statement.

More than 100 prominent scholars and religious and civic leaders joined together to pledge that "in this decade we will turn the tide on marriage and reduce divorce and unmarried childbearing, so that each year more children will grow up protected by their own two happily married parents and more adults' marriage dreams will come true."

Signers of the Marriage Movement from BYU include: Brent A. Barlow, chairman of the Governor's Commission on Marriage and research associate for the BYU Family Studies Center; Alan Hawkins, associate director of the BYU School of Family Life; and Lynne D. Wardle, professor of law at the BYU J. Reuben Clark Law School.

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