A new stake has been created in Nicaragua.

A new stake has been created in Nicaragua.

The Chinandega Nicaragua Stake, which includes the Acome, Ayapal, Chinandega, El Viejo, La Florida and Tesoatega wards, and the Chichigalpa and Corinto branches, has been created by Elder Jerald L. Taylor of the Seventy.

Elsewhere, stakes have been reorganized in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana, Mexico, Panama and Uruguay, and in Idaho and Texas.


CHINANDEGA NICARAGUA STAKE: (June 25, 2000) Created from the Chinandega Nicaragua District. President — Jose Ernesto Maravilla, 33, statistical representative for BYP Int.; wife, Susana Jeannette Hernandez F. de Maravilla. Counselors — Axel Javier Narvaez T., 27, sales executive for Empeoa Cultural Domes; wife, Gloria Del Socorro Estrada de Narvaez. Jose Luis Hernandez F., 37, sales agent for J. Ernesto Maravilla; wife, Rosario Del Carmen Sanchez M. de Hernandez.



ACCRA GHANA CHRISTIANSBORG STAKE: (July 16, 2000) President — Richard Kwesi Ahadjie, 46, managing director for Rema-Alma Co. Ltd.; succeeding Charles Ridley Bossa Simons; wife, Emelia Kwatiokor Mould Ahadjie. Counselors — John Kodwo Buah, 42, service center manager for Church area office; wife, Augustina Anita Danso Buah. Daniel Yirenya-Tawiah, 33, lead consultant for PBS Consulting; wife, Regina Dziozo AgudogoYirenya-Tawiah.

DAVID PANAMA STAKE: (June 25, 2000) President — Francisco Alvarado V., 39, production manager for United Dairies S.A.; succeeding Cecilio Lezcano Arauz; wife, Marianela Concepcion Saucedo de Vasquez. Counselors — Osvaldo Omar Beitia V., 38, manager of deposits and personnel for Investments & Sales S.A.; wife, Elsa Teresa Alvarado V. de Beitia. Enrique Antulio Jimenez M., 31, store assistant for Calox Panamenta S.A.; wife, Lilibeth Rios M. de Jimenez.

GUADALAJARA MEXICO REFORMA STAKE: (June 11, 2000) President — Jose Francisco Jauregui N., 33, lawyer for Landeros & Associates; succeeding Jose Saavedra Talavera; wife, Susana Alvizo R. de Jauregui. Counselors — Cesar Meza C., 35, assistant principal for University of Guadalajara; wife, Martha Catalina Arellano A. de Meza. Gabriel Sanchez G., 47, self-employed musician; wife, Estela Hernandez de Sanchez.

IDAHO FALLS IDAHO EAST STAKE: (June 25, 2000) President — Doyle Lee Batt, 50, director of Idaho National Environmental and Engineering Laboratory; succeeding Gary Lane Meikle; wife, Karen Clayson Batt. Counselors — David Odde Lyman, 37, self-employed; wife, Julie Ann Morris Lyman. Robert James Fulks Jr., 49, principal administrator for Bechtel-BWXT; wife, Kathleen Ann Bradley Fulks.

LAS PIEDRAS URUGUAY STAKE: (July 9, 2000) President — Hector Guastavo Carbajal R., 48, teacher; succeeding Gustavo Eduardo Sarasua Florines; wife, Vilma Sequera D. de Carbajal. Counselors — Angel Gustavo Hernandez S., 31, administrative worker for HS Construction; wife, Andrea Esther Araujo C. de Hernandez. Pablo Beovide L., 34, high school teacher; wife, Marialnisa Piccardo V. de Beovide.

LONGVIEW TEXAS STAKE: (June 25, 2000) President — Max J. Conlin, 54, general manager for Liberty City Water Supply; succeeding Arthur G. Loudon III; wife, Janet Lee Hahn Conlin. Counselors — Charles Richard Kennard, retained. Charles A. Wagley, 51, production assistant for Eastman Chemical Company; wife, Bonnie Muse Wagley.

LUBUMBASHI DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO: (July 2, 2000) President — A. Kapend Yau Musoka, 58, director for government of Congo; succeeding Nzembelenge Milambo; wife, Kabwiz Kon Kanyimbu Musoka. Counselors — Gregoire Mutomb Mutshail, 36, provincial coordinator for government; wife, Madil Yav Marie Tshinaweji Mutshail. Malundu Mwimbi, 46, mechanic; wife, Mbelo Ntambwe Mwimbj.

PAUL IDAHO STAKE: (June 25, 2000) President — Ferril King, 53, owner and operator of Crawford Body Shop; succeeding M. Gene Hansen; wife, Rene Piper King. Counselors — Orlo H. Maughan, 52, farmer; wife, Laurel Woodland Maughan. Duane Walter Hunt, 60, farmer; wife, Margaret Hansen Hunt.


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  • WEEK ENDING AUGUST 19, 2000 — 13
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