Romanian members present night of 'Placile Pierdute'

BUCHAREST, Romania — The six branches that comprise the Romania Bucharest District met June 30 for an evening of road show-like skits enacting key events in the Book of Mormon.

"Placile Pierdute," or "Lost Plates," was presented to a full house of 200 members and friends in the newly constructed Bucharest meetinghouse. One skit used a modern song and dance to depict a pre-repentant Alma. Another created the sense of conspiracy in the murder of Cezoram "by an unknown hand as he sat upon the judgment-seat."

The evening was organized in commemoration of the translation of the Book of Mormon into Romanian 1 1/2 years ago. About 95 members and 25 missionaries participated. Each branch received a unique recognition for its presentation.

"It was very hard to have everyone participate and trust that it would turn out," said Dana Stoica from the Cotroceni Branch. "But in the end, young people and adults collaborated and learned how to be friends."

Since the Revolution in 1989, and the first proselyting which was done in 1990, more than 1,700 people have joined the Church. "It was a wonderful activity," said newly-called District President Vasile Doru. "It was beautiful to see the members from the six branches perform happenings from the Book of Mormon. I felt that the actors were pioneers, prepared and chosen by our Heavenly Father to build His kingdom in Romania."

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