Elder Keith Crockett

Quorums of the Seventy

"After having received the great joy that comes from knowing the goodness of God and having tasted of his love, King Benjamin taught his people three basic principles that would help them retain a remission of their sins. First: to remain humble; second: to call upon the Lord daily; and third: to stand steadfast in the faith of that which was to come."

Humility is the desire to submit to the Lord, the desire to seek the Lord's will and glory and the desire to remove pride.

Prayer is one of the greatest blessings we have while we are here on Earth. We should pray each day to have the power to resist temptation.

"In order to retain a remission of our sins, it is essential that we ask our Heavenly Father each day for strength to stay in the straight and narrow way."

"We can stand steadfast in the testimony of the living Christ, as given by living apostles," who testify that Christ will someday return to Earth.

"These blessings can be ours if we apply these same three principles in our lives. The saints in King Benjamin's day were promised if they would do this, they would always rejoice and be filled with the love of God. This gave them power in retaining a remission of their sins. They were promised that they would grow in the knowledge of the Lord, and in the knowledge of that which was just and true."

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