Elder M. Russell Ballard

"Now is the time for members of the church to be more bold in reaching out to others, helping them to know the church is true. Now is the time to sustain by our actions what President Gordon B. Hinckley is asking us to do."

Can any of us go before the Lord in some future day and say that we didn't share the gospel with others because we were too busy or too shy?

"This is God's work. He wants us to participate with him and his beloved Son in bringing the gospel into the lives of all of his children. The Lord has promised us that our joy will be great if we bring just one soul unto him. Let us exercise greater faith and work together, members and missionaries, to bring many more souls unto him.

"Let every family in the church include as part of their daily family prayers a plea with the Lord to go before your family members and help them find someone prepared to receive the message of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ."

Let us go forward with more faith, never forgetting that the Lord will help us as we turn to him in mighty prayer.

"Our Heavenly Father lives and loves each of his children. The Lord Jesus Christ lives. The most important work we can do is to help God's children come to a full understanding of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ."

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