Freedom is to act in dignity of own choice

Many new Church members — specifically those from countries other than the United States — learn for the first time when they join the Church the true dimension of the word "freedom," said Elder F. Enzio Busche.

Elder Enzio Busche
Elder Enzio Busche

"Freedom, for most people of the world, means freedom from the absence of malice or pain or suppression," said Elder Busche of the Seventy who received emeritus status during the Saturday afternoon session. "But the freedom that God means when He deals with us goes one step further. He means freedom to "act in the dignity of our own choice."

Speaking in the closing session of general conference Sunday afternoon, Elder Busche defined freedom.

"Freedom means to have matured to the full knowledge of our dangerously many responsibilities as a human being," he said. "We have learned that everything we do, or even say or think, has consequences."

As Church members open their hearts to the message of God's truth — as it was restored in this time — they begin to understand why there was, and still is, so much misery, pain, suffering and even starvation, he said.

"In the same dimension as we are learning to accept the revealed truth in our own life, our faith in the living Son of God will grow and, therefore, we will receive spiritual gifts of heretofore unknown capacity. We will learn that nothing is impossible for those who believe in Jesus Christ."

Elder Busche said the more members' understanding of the vastness and completeness of the Plan of Salvation is developing, the more they see themselves in their smallness and incompleteness.

"When we are bound by a sacred covenant, like baptism, we are learning to overcome all obstacles through obedience, and in so doing we will be blessed with the presence of the Spirit, and, therefore, eventually with achievement."

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