King Benjamin's formula for retaining a remission of sins

In his final address to his people, King Benjamin gave them a formula for retaining a remission of their sins, said Elder Keith Crockett on Sunday afternoon.

Elder Keith Crockett
Elder Keith Crockett

"First, to remain humble; second, to call upon the Lord daily; and third, to stand steadfast in the faith of that which was to come," said Elder Crockett, enlisting the words found in the fourth chapter of Mosiah.

Humility has been described as having the desire to submit to the Lord, seek His will and glory and remove pride, he said. The Lord counseled in the Doctrine and Covenants that those who are humble would be made strong and blessed and receive knowledge.

"May we each develop our humility by submitting to the will of the Lord in all things so that we may retain a remission of our sins," Elder Crockett said.

Prayer is one of the greatest blessings on earth, he added. Through prayer, people can communicate with their Heavenly Father and seek His guidance daily. Jesus taught to pray always "unto the Father in my name."

Pray each day to have the power to resist temptation, Elder Crockett counseled.

"Our daily prayers influence our thoughts, our words and our actions," he said. "In order to retain a remission of our sins, it is essential that we ask our Heavenly Father each day for strength to stay in the straight and narrow way."

Those who call upon the Lord daily, Elder Crockett testified, will have great power to retain a remission of their sins.

Elder Crockett recalled standing with the missionaries of the Montevideo Uruguay West Mission as they quoted aloud the service-rich Fourth Section of the Doctrine and Covenants. He remembered feeling the Spirit as they stood "steadfast in their stewardship of bringing souls to Christ."

The saints in King Benjamin's day were blessed because they followed the formula for retaining a remission of their sins. They were filled with God's love, grew in knowledge and lived in peace with one another, Elder Crockett said.

"These blessings can be ours if we apply these same three principles in our lives," he said.

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