'Ponder with subdued feelings,' members counseled

At the close of the 170th Semiannual General Conference, President Gordon B. Hinckley told Church members to ponder with subdued feelings the messages they heard.

President Gordon B. Hinckley
President Gordon B. Hinckley

"All of us have been edified," said President Hinckley at the conclusion of the Sunday afternoon session of conference. "The test will come in the application of the teachings given.

"If, hereafter, we are a little more kind, if we are a little more neighborly, if we have drawn nearer to the Savior, with a more firm resolution to follow His teachings and His example, then this conference will have been a wonderful success," he said. "If, on the other hand, there is not improvement in our lives, then those who have spoken will have in large measure failed."

Changes, he continued, may not be measurable in a day or a week or a month. "Resolutions are quickly made and quickly forgotten. But, in a year from now, if we are doing better than we have done in the past, then the efforts of these days will not have been in vain."

President Hinckley told Church members worldwide that although they may not remember everything said, they will receive from the conference a spiritual uplift. "It may be indefinable, but it will be real," he said.

Perhaps, said President Hinckley, out of all Church members heard during conference, there may be a phrase or a paragraph that will stand out and possess their attention. "If this occurs," he said, "I hope we will write it down and reflect on it until we savor the depth of its meaning and have made it a part or our own lives."

He asked members to discuss the general conference addresses with their children. "Let them taste the sweetness of the truths we have enjoyed," he said.

President Hinckley said he has only one regret concerning conference: that because of the constraints of time, so few of the General Authorities and general auxiliary leaders had the opportunity to speak.

"Tomorrow morning we will be back at our jobs, back to our studies, back to whatever constitutes the busy regimen of our lives," he said. "But we can have the memories of this great occasion to sustain us.

"We can draw nearer to the Lord in our prayers. These can become conversations of thanksgiving. I can never fully understand how the Great God of the Universe, the Almighty, invites us as His children to speak with Him individually. How precious an opportunity is this. How wonderful that it actually happens. I testify that our prayers, offered in humility and sincerity, are heard and answered. It is a miraculous thing, but it is real."

President Hinckley asked Church members to lower their voices in their homes. "Let love abound and find expression in our actions. May we walk the quiet ways of the Lord, and may prosperity crown our labors."

He added that the "great Hosanna salutation in which we participated this morning should remain an unforgettable experience. From time to time," he said, "we can repeat quietly in our minds when we are alone those beautiful words of worship."

In closing, President Hinckley shared his testimony with the Church's 11 million members: "I bear witness of the truth of this work and of the living reality of God our Eternal Father, and of His Only Begotten Son whose Church this is," he said. "I extend my love to every one of you, and invoke the blessings of heaven upon you as we bid you goodbye for a season."

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