Elder, Sister Holland are honored for humanitarian service

People in the world cannot live without hope, said Elder Jeffrey R. Holland Oct. 5.

Speaking to the Association of Mormon Counselors and Psychotherapists, Elder Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve said the Savior brought hope to the earth. Often, Elder Holland continued, counselors and psychotherapists restore hope to those who are troubled.

During AMCAP's annual conference in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building in Salt Lake City, the association presented the Distinguished Services to Humanity Award to Elder Holland and his wife, Patricia Holland, for "the contribution they have both made to education and the comfort they have given to many souls throughout the course of their lives."

Each year, the organization presents its highest honor to outstanding humanitarians who share in the commitment to the restored gospel and who have demonstrated outstanding service in the use of their time and talents for the enrichment of people's lives.

During the two-day conference for the organization, now celebrating its 25th anniversary, a number of professionals addressed the theme, "Spirituality, Ethics and Healing — Peaceful Co-existence?"

Elder and Sister Holland thanked the hundreds in attendance for the work they do.

"You give [hope] to people," Elder Holland said. "You offer that to people. You are on the other end of the telephone, or at the end of a pager or at the end of an E-mail, or at the end of an Internet connection or a client's visit. Whatever aspect of the profession you are in, you personify hope to people.

"You are there for their tough days. Sometimes it is tough weeks and tough months and tough years. But you represent the light at the end of their tunnel. And only you know how long those tunnels can be, how dark they can be, how convoluted they can be. But because you are there they make it another day or another week or another month and, finally, forever."

Sister Holland said mental health is at the core of all that is goodly and Godly — it is at the core of love, forgiveness, humility, clarity and light.

"That is what you do," she told AMCAP members. "I want you know that I admire you so much. . . . You are a window of God's love [to your clients]. I want to personally thank you for being an extension of His love and for caring for those who are so much in need in this rather desperate world."

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