Three Nephites blessed to serve until end of world

Of the apostles chosen from among the Nephites, three were permitted to remain on the earth and bring souls to Christ until the end of the world. (See 3 Nephi 28:7-9.) Of these three apostles, Elder James E. Talmage wrote:

"A change was wrought in the bodies of the Three Nephites, so that, while they remained in the flesh, they were exempt from the usual effects of physical vicissitude. The heavens were opened to their gaze; they were caught up, and saw and heard unspeakable things. . . . Though they lived and labored as men among their fellows, preaching, baptizing, and conferring the Holy Ghost upon all who gave heed to their words, the enemies to the truth were powerless to do them injury. . . . Mormon avers that in answer to his prayers the Lord had made known unto him that the change wrought upon the bodies of the Three was such as to deprive Satan of all power over them. . . . For nearly three hundred years, and possibly longer, the Three Nephites ministered visibly among their fellows; but as the wickedness of the people increased these special ministers were withdrawn and thereafter manifested themselves only to the righteous few. . . . Their ministry was to be extended to Jews and Gentiles, amongst whom they labor unrecognized as of ancient birth; and they are sent unto the scattered tribes of Israel, and to all nations, kindreds, tongues and peoples, from whom they have brought and are bringing many souls unto Christ."

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