Applying the scriptures: Moroni demonstrated faith through actions

"Whether they will slay me, I know not; whither I go it mattereth not." (Mormon 8:3-4.) Moroni was not only the last of the Nephites and the angel who brought Joseph Smith to the ancient records buried at Cumorah. He was also a son who lost his father as well as a man who walked alone after seeing the destruction of his people — his kinsfolk, friends, neighbors. His words in verses 3-4 portray his heartache. But his actions also portray his faith.

Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin of the Quorum of the Twelve explained during the October 1987 general conference: "The Book of Mormon is filled with stories of great people who endured to the very end, from Lehi and his family through Moroni, the son of Mormon. The life of Moroni is especially instructive in teaching perseverance. The obstacles he faced may seem beyond belief to us. He was alone for about 20 years, perhaps hiding and fleeing from savage Lamanites who sought to take his life. (See Mormon 8:2-7.) Yet he continued to keep the record as his father commanded him.

"As a result of his perseverance and righteousness, he was ministered to by the Three Nephites, whom the Savior permitted to tarry until His second coming." (See Mormon 8:11.)

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