Family History Moment - 'It's a miracle!'

'It's a miracle!'

I never knew my paternal grandparents, as they died before I was adopted. I only knew that they were Jews who had immigrated from Europe, probably Austria or Hungary.

After I joined the Church, I started researching my family history. I sent for their death certificates which listed the town of their origin as Uugvar, Hungary. Now I had what seemed like a lot of information.

I found a map and gazetteer and searched for the town. That is where my pursuit ended. There was no such town in Hungary or in any of the bordering countries.

After a few years I moved to Salt Lake City and had the resources of the Church's great Family History Library at my fingertips, so I renewed my search. But the efforts of the experts there to assist were unsuccessful. Deciding it was an impossible task, I gave up.

As the years passed, my daughter became a worker at the family history center in Roseville, Mich. I decided to forward all my material to her.

She enlisted the aid of her son who had a wide grasp of geography and map reading. A renewed search was made. No luck.

My son-in-law's high priests quorum decided the theme for their annual dinner would be family history. Everyone was to bring a family pedigree chart. A couple who had been in the ward for about 15 years and who were about to move away sat at my daughter's table. They had brought a pedigree chart that became "the miracle" for our family. The husband was also a convert from a part-Jewish family. There on the husband's sheet was a line that led back to a Hungarian town named Ungvar. After a short discussion, my daughter learned that in old script, the lower-case n's were written like u's.

Our search is not yet complete, but finally we are on the right track!

How is it possible that two people living in southern Michigan sat at the same table and learned that they both had Jewish great-grandparents from the same remote town in middle Europe? There is only one answer: a miracle! — Jacqueline Pack, Hilltop Ward, Concord California Stake

Another in a series of "Family History Moments." Illustration by John Clark

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