New stake presidencies

A new stake has been created in Utah.

The Riverton Utah Central Stake, which includes the Mindi Meadows, Oquirrh 1st and 2nd, and Riverton 3rd, 10th, 13th and 17th wards, has been created by Elder L. Aldin Porter of the Presidency of the Seventy.

Elsewhere, stakes have been reorganized in Brazil and Samoa, and in North Carolina, Montana, Nevada and Utah.


RIVERTON UTAH CENTRAL STAKE: (Sept. 17, 2000) Created from the Riverton Utah and Riverton Utah South Stakes. President — William C. Mills, 53, senior vice president of Transwestern; wife, Mary Ethel Slater Mills. Counselors — Frank Thorvald Hales, 44, assistant director of auditing for Utah State Tax Commission; wife, Kriste Baxter Hales. Rick Eugene Williams, 43, pharmacist for Harmons; wife, Cindy Ann Hartley Williams.


APIA SAMOA WEST STAKE: (June 11, 2000) President — S. Lueli U. Te'o, 65, self-employed; succeeding T. Taofiga Iuli; wife, Alvina Leung Wai Te'o. Counselors — L. Vilamu Brown, 55, director of physical facilities for Church Educational System; wife, Lupe Tuitama Brown. Tuisavaii I. Leiataua, 58; wife, Uputaua Tauaologomai Fepulea'l Leiataua.

BILLINGS MONTANA STAKE: (Oct. 22, 2000) President — K. Dale Getz, 51, manager of human resources and services for Exxon Mobil Corp.; succeeding Edward Earl Jordon; wife, Dawn Lugene Schauerhamer Getz. Counselors — Mark E. Andersen, 52, public affairs officer for Bureau of Reclamation; wife, Karen Johnson Andersen. D. Scott Asay, 43, general counsel for Employee Benefit Management Services Inc.; wife, LeAnn C. Sanderson Asay.

CENTERVILLE UTAH NORTH STAKE: (Oct. 15, 2000) President — Gary B. Porter, 50, secretary to Presiding Bishopric for Church; succeeding Dennis Ray Lifferth; wife, Debra Lyn Cox Porter. Counselors — Clair E. Heslop, 48, chief financial officer for Utilitiy Trailer Sales of Utah Inc.; wife, Joan Eames Heslop. Ronald L. Craven, 42, developer for Boyer Company; wife, Rebecca Lynn Mitchell Craven.

LAS VEGAS NEVADA MEADOWS STAKE: (Oct. 22, 2000) President — Gordon E. Bywater, 47, attorney for Stephens Gourley & Bywater; succeeding Thomas J. O'Roarke; wife, Peggy Lee Amott Bywater. Counselors — Kent Clifford, 55, real estate broker for NAI Americana; wife, Sandra DeeAnn McDaniel Clifford. Michael D. Tobler, 50, CPA and partner of Layton Layton & Tobler LLP CPAs; wife, LaDonna Pace Tobler.

RIVERTON UTAH STAKE: (Sept. 17, 2000) President — James Michael Madsen, retained. Counselors — James L. Mickelsen, 43, owner of Majestic Floors & Design; wife, Analee Jordan Mickelsen. Dale Russell Jacobson, 56, director of operations and human resources for ZCMI; wife, Karen Wilson Jacobson.

SANTO ANDRE BRAZIL STAKE: (Sept. 17, 2000) President — Antonio Ricardo Sant'Ana, 37, coordinator and administrator for General Motors of Brazil; succeeding Joao Hudson Fin; wife, Marisa Helena Tourinao De Assis Martins de Sant'Ana. Counselors — Joao Aparecido Pereira, 39, teacher; wife, Marieta Barboza de Pereira. Zaqueu M. J. Mariz, 36, sales supervisor; wife, Solange Rodrigues Da Silva de Mariz.

SAO BERNARDO BRAZIL STAKE: (Sept. 10, 2000) President — Valdeci Rocha, 36, program operator for Scania Latin America; succeeding Adriano M. Oliveira; wife, Miriam Cuchiaro Rocha. Counselors — Francisco Jose de Abreu, 41, manufacturing process analyst for Ford of Brazil; wife, Maria Aparcuda Barea de Abreu. Geraldo Cleuderval de Oliveira, 29, assistant sales administrator for Elma Chips/Pepsi Co.; wife, Maluira Apareuda Alves Oliveira.

ST. GEORGE UTAH SNOW CANYON STAKE: (Oct. 22, 2000) President — Dennis H. Leavitt, 38, seminary instructor for Church Educational System; succeeding T. Randy Judd; wife, Nykele Gagon Leavitt. Counselors — Walter Robert Riding, 58, owner of Sordens Precast; wife, Marley Christine Brockman Riding. Kim A. Christensen, 42, first vice president and area manager of State Bank of Southern Utah; wife, Sonja Ruth Westwood Christensen.

UPOLU SAMOA ALEISA STAKE: (June 11, 2000) President — Alan Laurenson, 40, agriculture officer for government AFF; succeeding Solovi Luell U. Teo; wife, Miriama Sua Laurenson. Counselors — Mano Mataupu Sua, 42, supervisor for Ligaliga's Funeral Services; wife, Tautalafua Tapa Sua. Benko Aldrin Ah Hoy, 31, farmer; wife, Sara Isabella Loretta Seth Ah Hoy.

UPOLU SAMOA FALEASI'U STAKE:(June 11, 2000) President — Pouono Lameko, retained. Counselors — Filo Yiu Hing, 52, self-employed; wife, Pialogo Apulu Yiu Hing. Pati Setefano Tugaga, 63, farmer; wife, Ruta Masuisui Tugaga.

WILMINGTON NORTH CAROLINA STAKE: (Oct. 1, 2000) President — R. Kay Littlefield, 61, reliability manager for Kosa; succeeding Bradford L. Walker; wife, Ann Thomas Littlefield. Counselors — R. Jeffrey Allen, 50, assistant manager for Lowes Home Builders; wife, Susan Diane Korth Allen. Reginald W. Brew, 48, team leader for General Electric; wife, Pamela Beth Johnson Brew.

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