Service is joy, youth told

PUYALLUP, Wash. — More than 100 youth of the Puyallup Washington Stake gathered for their annual youth conference on a rainy Saturday morning, Sept. 30, to provide service to their community. Before departing for four city parks, the young people heard inspirational messages from local Church leaders regarding the importance and benefits of serving. They were encouraged to remember the great acts of service provided by Jesus Christ, to serve as though the Savior were with them and to be an example of the believers in both word and conduct. Service, they were reminded, is a wonderful way to gain joy and to get outside of one's self and focus on others.

The young men and young women then departed in groups to work at four Puyallup parks. They worked for three hours to clear overgrown and downed brush and debris.

Later in the afternoon, the youth reconvened at the Church to enjoy banana splits and games. The city of Puyallup later expressed appreciation to all who participated in the park clean-up project.

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