New stake presidencies

A new stake has been created in Mexico.

The Monterrey Mexico Andalucia Stake, which includes the Andalucia, Arboledas, Cadereyta, Las Espigas and Tamaulipas wards, and the China and Juarez branches, has been created by Elder Lynn A. Mickelsen of the Seventy.

Elsewhere, stakes have been reorganized in Argentina, Brazil, Chile and England, and in Nevada, Oregon and Utah.


MONTERREY MEXICO ANDALUCIA STAKE: (Sept. 3, 2000) Created from the Monterrey Mexico Los Angeles Stake. President — Francisco Rivera D., 36, operations manager for Acuario Express; wife, Xochitl Margarita Romero A. de Rivera. Counselors — Helaman Cruz M., 33, sales representative for Tuk Industries; wife, Arcelia Eloisa Mota M. de Cruz. Roman De La Cruz C., 44, businessman; wife, Graciela Alanis C. de De La Cruz.


ANTOFAGASTA CHILE CALICHE STAKE: (Sept. 3, 2000) President — Mario Rafael Martinez C., 35, metallurgist; succeeding Javier Alonso Ortiz Leiva; wife, Maritza Geraldina Cortes S. de Martinez. Counselors — Pablo Enoc Rodriguez S., 49, police officer; wife, Ines Mohena O. de Rodriguez. Alejandro Francisco Cuellar P., 32, business executive for corporate bank; wife, Yenny Ada Muoz V. de Cuellar.

BUENOS AIRES ARGENTINA CASTELAR STAKE: (Oct. 22, 2000) President — Domingo Vicente Suasnaba, 39, dental prosthetist for Suasnaba Clinic; succeeding Albert Lee Alexander; wife, Verna Lily Orrego de Suasnaba. Counselors — Jose Luis Ciciaro, 42, chief of Cronos Plant; wife, Monica Graciela Gonzales de Ciciaro. Gabriel Javier Nuez, 31, bank worker for Province Bank; wife, Andrea Graciela Rojas de Nuez.

ELKO NEVADA EAST STAKE: (Oct. 22, 2000) President — John Patrick Patton, 38, podiatrist at Patton Podiatric Medicine & Surgery; succeeding Kenneth Gardner Jones; wife, Karen Nef Patton. Counselors — Gerald J. Ackerman, 37, faculty director at University of Nevada/Reno; wife, Camille Peterson Ackerman. Farnes Scott Egbert, 41, self-employed rancher; wife, Laurel Lee Sorensen Egbert.

HIGHLAND UTAH EAST STAKE: (Oct. 22, 2000) President — Joel D. Zabriskie, 52, chief financial officer for Ivie Technologies Inc.; succeeding Stephen M. Studdert; wife, Ruby Kimball Zabriskie. Counselors — Kevin W. Branch, 52, senior counselor specialist for Jordan School District; wife, Christine Griffiths Branch. S. Lynn Bullock, 50, region manager of PPG Industries; wife, Barbara Thomson Bullock.

IPSWICH ENGLAND STAKE: (Sept. 17, 2000) President — Adrian Foster, 42, director for H. R. Owen PLC; succeeding Ian Gordon Jolliffe; wife, Lynn Sharon Clayden Foster. Counselors — Andrew Smith, 38, manager of Deutsche Bank; wife, Joy Belinda Brandon Smith. Jeremy James Pentreath, 32, school teacher for Suffolk County Council; wife, Alison Jane Talbot-Ashby Pentreath.

ONTARIO OREGON STAKE: (Oct. 29, 2000) President — K. Brett Nattress, 35, owner and president of professional corporation; succeeding G. Steven Laney; wife, Shawna Lee Adamson Nattress. Counselors — Gary V. Thompson, 56, teacher at Ontario High School; wife, LaRaine Barton Thompson. Eric N. Dahle, 40, dentist; wife, Rashae Webb Dahle.

PORTO ALEGRE BRAZIL PARTENON STAKE: (Sept. 17, 2000) President — Luiz Carlos Nepomuceno, 42, lawyer; succeeding Ulisses Pereira Filho; wife, Rosane Lucia De Lima Nepomuceno. Counselors — Leandro Martins Da Silva, 36, owner of Martins Watchmaker Shop; wife, Lirani Neves Bertoti Silva. Alexandre Vilk Trindade, 32, accounting analyst for Church Area office; wife, Celia Regina Alves Passos Trindade.

SANTIAGO CHILE ZAPADORES STAKE: (Sept. 3, 2000) President — Edgar Solis U., 32, receptionist for Church area office; succeeding Carlos Alejandro Troll Crisostomo; wife, Eulogia Cerda C. de Solis. Counselors — Mauricio Antonio Montero A., 40, central heating worker for Interma; wife, Myriam Rosa Villablanca C. de Montero. Carlos Alberto Riquelime U., 49, tailor; wife, Blanco Rose Herrera R. de Riquelime.

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