Living by the scriptures

And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten.

Joel 2:25

It was Christmas 1984, and I was busy addressing Christmas cards at the dining room table when I had a tremendous feeling of gratitude come over me for the blessings of the year that was passing.

I had had twins born to us in May of that year, after a difficult pregnancy. Though doctors had told me not to have any more children, the Lord had let me know differently. I thought of sad years when I had lost two children, one 2 years old, and another stillborn. Though I had other children, there always seemed to be empty places in our family. Now our house was full of children, six altogether, and we were very blessed.

As I reflected on these blessings I found this scripture in the opened pages of the Bible laying on the table next to me. My eyes filled with tears, as I knew that the Lord was letting me know that He had restored to us the opportunity to raise more children, and that this was a special blessing from Him.

The years have brought many challenges but these children have been of great comfort and strength to me

Ruth Russell, Lathrop, Calif.

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