New stake presidencies

Stakes have been reorganized in Brazil, Peru and Puerto Rico, and Georgia, Idaho, Texas and Utah.


BEAUMONT TEXAS STAKE: (Feb. 11, 2001) President — Eric H. Petersen, 47, vice president of Helena Laboratories; succeeding Marshall W. Hayes; wife, Rondie Christine Eyrich Petersen. Counselors — W. Lagene Allred, 49, provider relations representative for Birch & Davis Health Management; wife, Jillene Hayes Allred. H. Wayne Boddie, 48, owner and operator of Wayne's Automotive; wife, Elaine Cryer Boddie.

HAYDEN LAKE IDAHO STAKE: (Feb. 18, 2001) President — Stanley C. Wood, 49, audit manager and CPA for Maguuson, McHugh & Co.; succeeding Ronald B. McIntire; wife, Renee Armstrong Wood. Counselors — Robert A. Davis, 52, supervisor for FBI; wife, Linda Vernelle Mitchell Davis. Michael L. Reynolds, 55, electronic technician for Agilent Technologies; wife, Peggy Ann Bruninga Reynolds.

KINGSLAND GEORGIA STAKE: (Feb. 11, 2001) President — Dale G. McCullers, 53, retired special agent for U.S. Naval Intelligence; succeeding J. Grant Shuman Jr.; wife, Nell Evans McCullers. Counselors — Mark D. McDonald, 41, president and chief executive officer for M.D. McDonald Construction Co.; wife, Robin Marty Stewart McDonald. Kevin E. Washington, 46, teacher and coach for Polk School District; wife, Clara Marie Wilson Washington.

LIMA PERU MAGDALENA STAKE: (Jan. 14, 2001) President — Daniel Emilio Pizarro R., 38, accountant, consultant; succeeding Adan Guillermo Bravo Matheus; wife, Rosemary Olenka Miluska Dawson H. de Pizarro. Counselors — Alejandro Anihal Mora A., 49, coordinator for Church Educational System; wife, Blanca Elena Arevalo H. de Mora. Benedicto Santiago Pacheco L. , 35, business specialist for Church area office; wife, Miriam Gladys Vicente C. de Pacheco.

MACEIO BRAZIL STAKE: (Jan. 21, 2001) President — Glaucio Melo, 28, manager of Ciclo Information; succeeding Jose Eraldo de Andrade Silva; wife, Sheila Reis Santana de Melo. Counselors — Adriano de Oliviera Tenorio, 38, business representative for Astrosol; wife, Amelia Maria Vasconcelos de Tenorio. Josenildo de Filho Souza, 39, coordinator for Church Educational System; wife, Claudia Leal Souza.

MAYAGUEZ PUERTO RICO STAKE: (Feb. 11, 2001) President — Ramon A. Rivera M., 45, project engineer and manager for Merck-Sharp-Dohme; succeeding Tomas Olmo; wife, Myrna L. Vigo de Rivera. Counselors — Heriberto Hernandez V., 50, dentist; wife, Leonor Rivera Martinez de Hernandez. Angel L. Berrios B., 44, quality control manager for Symmetricom; wife, Margarita Matos M. de Berrios.

RIVERTON UTAH SUMMERHILL STAKE: (Jan. 28, 2001) President — Gordon J. Wells, 46, production manager for O. C. Tanner Co.; succeeding L. Chad Campbell; wife, Jan Cae Mansfield Wells. Counselors — Raymond V. Brown, 48, vice president of Industrial Piping Products Inc.; wife, Jeanene Faye Workman Brown. M. Kay Page, 43, electrician for Page Electric Service; wife, Susan Cloward Page.

SALT LAKE WELLS STAKE: (Feb. 18, 2001) President — Larry G. Simpson, 46, accountant trainer for State of Utah; succeeding Marlin S. Miller; wife, Gloria Jeanne Wilder Simpson. Counselors — Blake S. Atkin, 43, lawyer with Atkin & Lilja; wife, Susan Marie Price Atkin. Douglas L. Banks, 35, architect for Thomas Petersen Hammond Architects; wife, Julie Rae Emery Banks.

SAO PAULO BRAZIL GRAJAU STAKE: (Feb. 4, 2001) President — Samuel Barbosa Neves, 33, salesman for Bahia House; succeeding Idario Marcolino dos Santos; wife, Katia Regina de Oliveira Neves. Counselors — Agostinho Bonifacio Moreira, retained. Antonio Santos Maia, 34, shop manager; wife, Maria Aparecida Ferreira Dos Santos Maia.

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