Two members injured while cleaning up storm wreckage

COLUMBUS, Miss. — Two Church members from the Columbus Ward, Tupelo Mississippi Stake, were injured during cleanup efforts following severe storms here Feb. 16.

Bishop Reed Mackay broke several bones and ruptured his spleen in an accident that occurred while he was removing a damaged tree after the storms.

Don Robertson, elders quorum president, broke his ankle in numerous places when a log hit him during similar clean-up efforts.

While both were in the hospital recuperating, the stake was struck again — this time by a tornado Feb. 24 which cut a 23-mile path across Pontotoc County, Miss., killing six people, injuring hundreds and damaging more than 360 homes. The tornado also touched down in Arkansas.

The home of one Church member was damaged. However, no missionaries or members were injured and no damage was done to Church property.

President Harry T. Brown of the Tupelo Mississippi Stake is coordinating relief to members in Mississippi, where crews using chain saws had to cut through toppled trees to reach homes and downed power lines. It took days for utility officials to restore services to the area.

"The community itself looks like a war zone," said President Brown, who noted that for the most part members are in good spirits. "They feel very blessed, very lucky," he said.

With the aid of the Salvation Army, the Church regional welfare office in Atlanta will send relief supplies into the community, President Brown added.

He also noted that Church members plan to give service, helping where they can with cleanup efforts.

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