New stake presidencies

Stakes have been reorganized in Brazil, England, Mexico, Ontario and the Philippines, and in California, Idaho, Maryland, Nevada, Utah and Washington.


BATAC PHILIPPINES STAKE: (March 4, 2001) President — Wilson R. Rafol, 43, maintenance man for Bangui District Hospital; succeeding Nathaniel Oasan Baraoidan; wife, Ana Shirleyta Pascua Ulep Rafol. Counselors — Mars J. E. Manzanas, retained. Eliseo C. Hernando, 58, self-employed cycle operator; wife, Abundia De Leon Sales Hernando.

BIRMINGHAM ENGLAND STAKE: (March 4, 2001) President — Gregory William Reeves, 53, real estate supervisor for Church area office; succeeding Clive Richard Norton; wife, Joyce Stokes Reeves. Counselors — Derek William Good, 32, factory manager for Tamlite; wife, Maria Theresa Bradley Good. Adrian John Martin, 54, treasury supervisor for Church area office; wife, Agnes Nelson Paterson Martin.

BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY 15TH STAKE: (March 4, 2001) President — Ben R. Shippen, 67, owner of Ibex Ltd.; succeeding Eugene L. Jones; wife, Nellie Joan Bevan Shippen. Counselors — Earl C. Jorgensen, 54, president of DHI Comp. Service; wife, Julie Marlene Jensen Jorgensen. Larry C. Edwards, 65, vice president of DISC; wife, Mary Elizabeth Salmond Edwards.

CARSON CITY NEVADA STAKE: (March 4, 2001) President — William Lee Brewer, 45, rural housing program director for U.S.D.A.; succeeding George Marion Keele; wife, Roxie Vilda Key Brewer. Counselors — David Howard Johnson, 54, family practice physician; wife, Terresa Johnson Johnson. Rick Hannan Hydrick, 46, manager of water operations for South Tahoe Public Utility District; wife, Beverly Lucille Birge Hydrick.

FERRON UTAH STAKE: (March 11, 2001) President — Kendal C. Yost, 56, environmental engineer for Pacific Corp.; succeeding E. James Nielsen; wife, Paula Maria Griff Yost. Counselors — William C. Pace, 68, retired mechanic; wife, Helen Joyce Rollie Pace. Stephen R. Behling, 49, superintendent and general mine foreman for Consolidation Coal Co.; wife, Diane Steele Behling.

FREDERICK MARYLAND STAKE: (March 4, 2001) President — Donald H. Suhaka, 46, self-employed management consultant; succeeding John E. Abernathy Jr.; wife, Sylvia Jeane Cloward Suhaka. Counselors — Kevin Romney Beck, 44, advanced marketing consultant for BISYS; wife, Jane Bishop Walsh Beck. Brian Douglas Cook, 50, quality process supervisor for Paychex Inc.; wife, Lauren Ruth Hostetler Cook.

MONTERREY MEXICO MODERNA STAKE: (March 11, 2001) President — Oscar Garza S., 42, administrative manager for Mercantil Bank; succeeding Carlos Contreras Coronado; wife, Blanca Alicia Carrillo C. de Garza. Counselors — Virgilio Carlos Montemayor D., 46, government employee; wife, Georgina Alejandra Wong M. de Montemayor. Jorge Luis Aguilar N., 40, assistant director; wife, Martha Nohemi Diaz G. de Aguilar.

MURRAY UTAH STAKE: (March 11, 2001) President — Michael W. Bawden, 58, instructional designer for Church Educational System; succeeding James R. Matsumori; wife, Pamela Lofgran Bawden. Counselors — Kim M. Ware, 48, superintendent for Allstate Construction; wife, Glenny Wolf Ware. John G. Weston, 33, attorney for Snell & Wilmer LLP; wife, Lauri Lynn Reynolds Weston.

NEWPORT BEACH CALIFORNIA STAKE: (March 11, 2001) President — W. Weatherford T. Clayton, 49, physician; succeeding Lafe S. Parkin; wife, Lisa Madeline Thomas Clayton. Counselors — James D. Watson, 53, police captain for Costa Mesa Police Dept.; wife, Linda Louise Tolleson Watson. David P. Silva, 45, vice president of sales and marketing for Aluminum Precision; wife, Kristin Carol Poulter Silva.

PIRACICABA BRAZIL STAKE: (March 4, 2001) President — Alcides de Carvalho Junior, 31, sergeant for military police; succeeding Marcos Tadeu Michailuca Nolli; wife, Cristiane Barreto de Carvalho. Counselors — Adilson Rosti Martins , 35, retained. Amarildo Carlos Dos Santos, 23, business consultant for Money Forte; wife, Fabiana Andrade do Nascimento de Santos.

PORT ANGELES WASHINGTON STAKE: (March 11, 2001) President — Kevin R. Hansen, 46, attorney for Wolfley, Bajden & Hansen; succeeding Richard Ernest Shaw; wife, Vicki Lynn Bryce Hansen. Counselors — Richard W. Butchart, 45, applied specialist for Electronic Data Systems; wife, Denece Ann Perkins Butchart. Richard K. Winters, 45, self-employed; wife, Diane Laynette Rigby Winters.

RICKS COLLEGE 3RD STAKE: (March 11, 2001) President — Fenton L. Broadhead, 51, professor of economics at Ricks College; succeeding Sylvan F. Seely; wife, Carol Ann Jackson Broadhead. Counselors — Richard K. Page, 46, assistant vice president of student life at Ricks College; wife, Rebecka Putnam Page. Randall D. Sutton, 45, self-employed certified public accountant; wife, Laurie Jill Robison Sutton.

SANTA MARGARITA CALIFORNIA STAKE: (March 11, 2001) President — Arlen Dean Woffinden, 51, attorney and partner for Smith, Silbar, Parker & Woffinden; succeeding James Ben Whitesides; wife, Deborah Nielsen Woffinden. Counselors — Steven R. Bangerter, 39, partner and attorney for Cooksey, Howard & Martin; wife, Susan A. Hughes Bangerter. Harold Daniel Fuller, 46, attorney and partner of Cadden & Fuller; wife, Diana Lynn Visser Fuller.

SAO PAULO BRAZIL WEST STAKE: (March 4, 2001) President — Adilson I. Oliveira, 35, institute director for Church Educational System; succeeding Romeo Antonio Piros; wife, Elisabete de Fatima Cano de Oliveira. Counselors — Alecsander Paredes, 29, industrial manager for TSD Textile; wife, Layse Murray Cabral Paredes. Carlos Cano, 33, owner of Adalfer business; wife, Durvanette Abacherli Cano.

TORONTO ONTARIO STAKE: (March 11, 2001) President — Robert C. Morrison, 44, director for Ontario Power Generation; succeeding Terry Harrison; wife, Catherine Jane Meiklejohn Morrison. Counselors — W. Tyrone Wong, 45, assistant general manager for the Bank of Nova Scotia; wife, Phoebe Sui Yee Wong. Clloyd A. Burns, 41, supervisor for Wyant Chemicals; wife, Maria Bunch Burns.

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