New stake presidencies

Two new stakes have been created in Mexico and Paraguay.

The Ciudad Valles Mexico Stake, which includes the Altavista, Loma Bonita, Lomas del Vergel, Praderas, and Real Campestre wards, and Tamuin and Tanquian branches, has been created by Elder Juan Alvaradejo Redondas, Area Authority Seventy.

The Luque Paraguay Stake, which includes the Bella Vista, Laurelty, Limpio, Luque and Molino wards, and Aregua, Juan de Zalazar, Palma Loma, Piquete Cue and Yuquyry branches, has been created by Elder Keith Crockett of the Seventy.

Elsewhere, stakes have been reorganized in France, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru and Taiwan, and in Idaho, Indiana, Kentucky, Nevada, New York, Washington and Wyoming.


CIUDAD VALLES MEXICO STAKE: (Nov. 12, 2000) Created from the Cuidad Mante Mexico Stake and Mexico Tampico Mission. President — Ricardo Baez T., 45, ; wife, Francisca Osuna R. de Baez. Counselors — Saturnino Ramos V., 41, teacher; wife, Mirtha Hortencia Ochoa V. de Ramos. Jorge Bravo A., 29, supervisor of maintenance and service for state government; wife, Lorena Diaz B. de Bravo.

LUQUE PARAGUAY STAKE: (Feb. 11, 2001) Created from Fernando de la Mora Paraguay, Fernando de la Mora Paraguay South and San Lorenzo Paraguay stakes, and the Caacupe Paraguay District. President — Jorge Daniel Colina A., 40, manager for Gamm S.A.; wife, Carmen Marecos Colina. Counselors — Cesar Hermosilla R., 33, purchase manager for Santa Clara Medical Center; wife, Ercira Elena Reyes de Hermosilla. Carlos Ortiz B., 46, mimeograph operator for Ministry of Agriculture; wife, Hilda Britez Ortiz.


COLVILLE WASHINGTON STAKE: (April 8, 2001) President — Brian Lee Lloyd, 41, self-employed farmer and rancher; succeeding Glenn Ralph Whittle; wife, Sharrol Jones Lloyd. Counselors — G. Barry Lee, 59, employed in property maintenance for Broadway Truck Service; wife, Susan Lynn Burnham Lee. James I. Peterson, 58, homicide detective for city of Spokane; wife, Lois LaDella Gartz Peterson.

LAFAYETTE INDIANA STAKE: (April 8, 2001) President — Patrick E. Connolly, 42, assistant professor at Purdue University; succeeding Norman T. Hayman Jr.; wife, Lisa June Motes Connolly. Counselors — William Tincher Jr., 61, plant manager for Modine Manufacturing Co.; wife, Janice Lynn Carty Tincher. P. Ronald Ellis, 39, president and chief executive officer for Endocyte; wife, Margaret McAllister Heard Ellis.

LAS VEGAS NEVADA PARADISE STAKE: (March 4, 2001) President — J. Daniel Hastings, 47, attorney for Clark County; succeeding J. Gary Earl; wife, Michele Christensen Hastings. Counselors — Douglas M. Hafen, 57, information technology manager for U.S. Dept. of Energy; wife, Ann Lefler Hafen. David S. Davis, 39, optometrist; wife, Karen Christine Keeley Davis.

LEWISTON IDAHO STAKE: (March 18, 2001) President — Monty Dale Rupp, 49, self-employed farmer and logger; succeeding Stephen Hall Tucker; wife, Garla Tonks Rupp. Counselors — Douglas Charles Piper, 46, maintenance planner for Potlatch Corp.; wife, Gina Marie Steltzer Piper. John Todd Rietz, 40, optometrist; wife, Michele Kay Sollenbarger Rietz.

LIMA PERU SANTA ISABEL STAKE: (Jan. 28, 2001) President — Toribio Leondro Reyes V., 44, self-employed businessman; succeeding Gerardo Renulfo Villar Quevedo; wife, Doris Teresa Condori P. de Reyes. Counselors — Jaime Arturo Roman R., 37, teacher; wife, Elvira Carolina Cespedes H. de Roman. Moroni G. Bazan M., 28, dental assistant for Dr. Victor Bazan; wife, Beliza Maribel Mu┬Łante T. de Bazan.

LOUISVILLE KENTUCKY STAKE: (March 18, 2001) President — Lyle J. Stucki, 49, president and owner of Unique Management Service; succeeding Carl L. Britsch; wife, Bonnie Norton Stucki. Counselors — John F. Cotton, 51, airport operations manager for United Parcel Service; wife, RoBin Lynn Borg Cotton. W. Karl Farnsworth, 43, chief financial officer for Sud Chemie; wife, Hege Ingeborg Simpson Farnsworth.

LYMAN WYOMING STAKE: (April 8, 2001) President — F. Dana Eyre, 53, general manager for Bridger Valley Electric; succeeding John Lelan Eyre; wife, Ann Bethers Eyre. Counselors — Terry K. Shelton, 47, employed in surface maintenance for FMC Corp.; wife, Marcia Gail Walker Shelton. Larry G. Bergeson, 43, high school principal; wife, Terry Ann Price Bergeson.

NEWBURGH NEW YORK STAKE: (March 11, 2001) President — Norman B. Snarr, 48, financial analyst for Degussa Corp.; succeeding Gary R. Ricks Jr.; wife, Linda Kaye Anderson Snarr. Counselors — Tracy L. Williams, 46, coordinator for Church Educational System; wife, Teri Lyn Rich Williams. David D. Brown, 50, senior consulting manager for AOL Time Warner; wife, Maryelen Hacking Brown.

PARIS FRANCE STAKE: (March 11, 2001) President — Gerald Jean Causse, 37, logistics director for Carrefour; succeeding Joel Lyonel Lucien Henri Fournier; wife, Valerie Babin Causse. Counselors — Frederic Pascal Loisel, 35, music professor; wife, Marie-Christiane Victoire Sillon Loisel. Raphael Pierre Meunier, 32, sales manager; wife, Anne Duez Meunier.

PUEBLA MEXICO LA PAZ STAKE: (March 11, 2001) President — Andres Martinez E., 41, regional coordinator for Church Educational System; succeeding Ruben Mejia Mora; wife, Lorena Sanchez E. de Martinez. Counselors — Juan Amaro S., 38, driver for Amaro Transportation; wife, Victoria Torrentera R. de Amaro. Joel Pascacio Cebada R., 33, self-employed businessman; wife, Maria Concepcion Leyua C. de Cebada.

SAN LORENZO PARAGUAY STAKE: (Feb. 11, 2001) President — Carlino Rios R., 46, finance supervisor for Church area office; succeeding Jorge Daniel Colina Araujo; wife, Isabel Franci Benites Rios. Counselors — Antero Monzon J., 39, manager for Peucenter Shop; wife, Marlene Beatriz Morales Monzon. Kunio Sasanuma, retained.

TAIPEI TAIWAN WEST STAKE: (Feb. 18, 2001) President — Chong Ming Chao, 51, manager for Church area office; succeeding Tsung Ting (Jared) Yang; wife, Mei Yuh Wu Chao. Counselors — Chia-Chun Liu, 44, post office clerk; wife, Mei-Yu Peng Liu. Fu-Strai Lin, 38, police officer; wife, Chung Yuh Huang Lin.

TIJUANA MEXICO INSURGENTES STAKE: (March 11, 2001) President — Jose Ramon Lopez G., 38, electronic designer for Power Sonic; succeeding Jorge Mendez Ibarra; wife, Edna Guadalupe Gallardo de Lopez. Counselors — Alberto Arana V., 38, shopkeeper; wife, Rosa Maria Olivas M. de Arana. Enrique Burrola H., 37, engineering manufacturer for Hughes Network; wife, Sandra Medina M. de Burrola.

UCON IDAHO STAKE: (April 8, 2001) President — Gregory Cordon Peck, 51, advisory engineer for Bechtel Bettis Inc.; succeeding Craig Alan Burtenshaw; wife, Michele Bean Peck. Counselors Louis Ernest Buhrley Jr., 58, teacher at Ricks College; wife, Joan Rose McEntire Buhrley. Mark Lee Giles, 35, general manager for Monte Wight Chevrolet; wife, Angela Marie Leatham Giles.

WEST JORDAN UTAH BINGHAM CREEK STAKE: (April 8, 2001) President — Joseph Daniel Smith, 49, owner of Signature Homes; succeeding Stephen James Trayner; wife, Deborah Ann Petersen Smith. Counselors — Ronald Butler Watkins Jr., 40, general manager of National Laser Co.; wife, Julie Ann Metecalf Watkins. Vyrl Clinton Bangerter, 43, director of sales for Ikon Office Solutions; wife, Alice Janeen Pettersson Bangerter.

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