New stake presidencies

The West Point Utah Lakeside Stake, which includes the Clinton 2nd, 9th and 15th, and West Point 3rd, 5th, 6th and 9th wards, has been created by Elder Ben B. Banks of the Seventy.

Elsewhere, stakes have been reorganized in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Costa Rica and England, and in Idaho, Iowa and Utah.


WEST POINT UTAH LAKESIDE STAKE: (Sept. 9, 2001) Created from the Clinton Utah and West Point Utah Stakes. President — Allen J. Bennett, 50, owner and operator of farm; wife, Denise Pollard Bennett. Counselors — Van R. Hadley, 49, teacher for Weber School District; wife, Kaye L. Tenney Hadley. Leo Leeds Famuliner, 60, retired data management officer at Hill AFB; wife, Linda King Famuliner.


BUENOS AIRES ARGENTINA BELGRANO STAKE: (Aug. 26, 2001) President — Ruben Vicente Alliaud, 35, partner of Alliaud and Associates; succeeding Benjamin Rodriguez; wife, Fabiana Bennett de Alliaud. Counselors — Juan Lorenzo Orquera, retained. Sergio Alberto Gomez, 36, supervisor for Church area office; wife, Maria Alejuandra Paez de Gomez.

CLINTON UTAH STAKE: (Sept. 9, 2001) President — John G. Mills Jr., retained. Counselors — Keven Chris Johnstun, 49, technical manager for COP; wife, Nancy Ann Tucker Johnstun. Gerald F. Travis, 50, sales manager for Amcor; wife, Cheryl Brown Travis.

COUNCIL BLUFFS IOWA STAKE: (Sept. 9, 2001) President — Ronald L. Bendorf, 64, geriatric psychiatrist for Alegent Health; succeeding Maury W. Schooff; wife, Judith Ann Macey Bendorf. Counselors — Stephen C. Holmgren, 60, retired energy manager for Union Pacific; wife, Gayle RaNae Pope Holmgren. Phil J. Thomas, 53, dentist; wife, Patricia Norton Thomas.

PERTH AUSTRALIA WARWICK STAKE: (Sept. 9, 2001) President — Paul N. Lekias, 33, relationship executive for Commonwealth Bank; succeeding Peter F. Meurs; wife, Rebecca Jane Liddicoat Lekias. Counselors — James Ashley Websdane, 50, office manager for Worley; wife, Lesley Joy Meinck Websdane. Justin J Richard, 30, self-employed; wife, Debbie Ann Thomas Richard.

POOLE ENGLAND STAKE: (Sept. 2, 2001) President — Brian Martin, 55, corporate senior manager for Phillips Electronics; succeeding Anthony Vassillos Kosifou; wife, Maralynne Yvonne Dilnott Martin. Counselors — Anthony Richard Wheat, 38, company director for Meggitt Marsh Guardian Systems; wife, Dionne Angela Mullen Wheat. Patrick John Hubbard-Ford, 62, self-employed mortgage broker; wife, Rosa Anne Redhouse Hubbard-Ford.

REXBURG IDAHO CENTER STAKE: (Sept. 16, 2001) President — Jared Clarence Hepworth, 50, owner and operator of Tri-State Tire; succeeding Roger D. Hoggan; wife, Terry Kay Cox Hepworth. Counselors — Bruce W. Blanchard, 42, director of counseling for BYU-Idaho; wife, Teresa Ann Walker Blanchard. Bruce Kay Dye, 51, director of radiology for Madison Memorial Hospital; wife, Joyce Elizabeth Gibbons Dye.

SALVADOR BRAZIL STAKE: (Aug. 26, 2001) President — Adonai Rocha Lago, 33, sales representative for Santista Textile S/A; succeeding Carlos Shunji Obata; wife, Simone Ribeiro Caualcanti de Lago. Counselors — Hugo Goncalves Campos, 51, purchasing manager for M. Marques Construction; wife, Elisabete Lina Miota Campos. Jose Miguel Hernandez Docal, 39, senior consultant for Iberdrola Systems; senior consultant for Iberdrola Systems; wife, Maria Del Carmen Gonzalez Hernandez.

SANDY UTAH GRANITE SOUTH STAKE: (Sept. 9, 2001) President — Charles A. Rudd, 45, owner and president of Woodruff Sales Inc.; succeeding Richard Jay Galbraith; wife, Annette Lancaster Rudd. Counselors — Thomas B. Morgan, 41, executive vice president of retail credit for Zions Bank; wife, Debra Joan Fisher Morgan. Wade S. Williams, 43, senior vice president of Smith's Food; wife, Lisa Woodhead Williams.

SAN JOSE COSTA RICA LA PAZ STAKE: (Aug. 19, 2001) President — Jorge Manuel Villalobos S., 45, telecommunications engineer for Telephone-Ice; succeeding Max Enrique Urena Fallas; wife, Erika Ulloa Mora de Villalobos. Counselors — Alexander Manuel Arguedas B., 37, self-employed contractor; wife, Mary Liddy Gutierrez Arburola Arguedas. Eduardo Roiden Mora V., 28, finance administrator for Church area office; wife, Ana Maria Segura Navarro Villalobos de Mora.

SAO PAULO BRAZIL NORTH STAKE: (Sept. 2, 2001) President — Johannes Ayres Castellano, 34, director of Business Software S/C LTDA; succeeding, Paulo Cesar Costa Loureiro; wife, Marcia De Macedo Castellano. Counselors — Antonio Luciano Correa, 54, owner of Jany Rachel Bijoux CTDA; wife, Maria Laurete Fernandes Correa. William Rodrigues, 39, director for Expansion; wife, Leonor Correa Fernandes Rodrigues

SMITHFIELD UTAH NORTH STAKE: (Sept. 16, 2001) President — Scott J. Poulsen, 44, vice president of Western AgCredit; succeeding A. George Marchant; wife, Kristy Crookston Poulsen. Counselors — Roger C. Manning, 42, area director for Church Educational System; wife, Lyn Bennion Manning. David R. Bodine, 41, plant engineer for Campbell Scientific; wife, Teresa Ann Barker Bodine.

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