Temple Moments: A wonderful job

A pioneer member in British Colombia since 1956, Belle Curd of the Delta Ward, Surrey British Columbia Stake, has a special appreciation for the many new temples. In 1956 she moved to British Columbia with three small children from Halifax, Nova Scotia, and later remarried. However, that year had begun with other plans. She and her husband, William Ronald Hogg, who was in the Canadian Navy, saved for more than a year to be sealed in the temple. The nearest temple for them was either in Cardston, Alberta, or Salt Lake City, Utah.

"We were smart to go to the temple, but we weren't very smart in the way we did it," recalled Sister Curd, who was widowed on the trip. "We didn't have enough money, and things went from bad to worse."

The family set off from Halifax and drove 800 miles to Boston, Mass., to get temple recommends, then they drove to Cardston. "Once at the temple, everyone was so kind and helpful. It was a happy moment and the highlight was when our three children joined us in the sealing room, all dressed in white."

They also received patriarchal blessings at the temple. "Bill's blessing was short and spiritual. Mine was long and mentioned that the children would be cared for while Bill was away," she said. "We took it to mean. . . while he was at sea."

The 4,000-mile trip home was filled with problems. They slept in the car to save money. In New Brunswick, an accident occurred and her husband was thrown from the car and died instantly. "Years have passed," she said. "Wounds heal and there is solace in knowing that if we stay worthy we shall all be together again as Christ promised."

When she considers the new Nova Scotia temple and others that dot Canada, "I am very grateful every day," she said in a thick voice. "I hope they don't stop. God bless President Hinckley. He sure has done a wonderful job." — John L. Hart

Another in a series of "Temple Moments."

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