Sauniatu students deliver educational supplies, books

Samoa Service Project
Samoa Service Project Photo: Photo courtesy Nadine T. Matis

SAUNIATU, Samoa — In a lush valley on the island of Upolu lies the Church agricultural college of Sauniatu that helps 15 young men learn vocational skills each year. The college, located in the crater of an extinct volcano, is often called "Nauvoo of the Pacific" because of its beauty and role as a gathering place for early Church members in Samoa.

This year, students enrolled at Sauniatu returned to the small village schools they had attended as children to assess the current educational materials. Lists of needs were made and submitted to Latter-day Saint Charities.

Within months, 15 schools serving 3,287 students received books for their libraries. Two schools with empty libraries now have more than 1,200 books each. Sauniatu students personally delivered the supplies to their former schools.

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