South Carolina temple tour designed to motivate children

COLUMBIA, S.C. — To help Primary children set a goal to attend the temple someday, the Columbia South Carolina Temple presidency has invited children in the temple district to tour the grounds and reception area.

At the beginning of the tour, given by Jeanne and James Lynch, the children look at paintings by Ted Gorka, an LDS artist who resided in Columbia prior to his death. They are then taken outside, where they read the verse, "Holiness to the Lord, House of the Lord," and look at the Angel Moroni statue. The children also touch the temple, learn about the cornerstone and watch brides and grooms have their pictures taken.

One group of children, when asked what they liked about the temple, responded, "Everything."

Brother Lynch hopes that teaching the children about the temple now will motivate them to return when they are older. "It is a good program to come to the temple and see it and feel it," he said.

At the end of the tour, a member of the temple presidency speaks to the children. He tells them that they can be tour guides and invites them to bring their parents back to the temple and show them what they saw.

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