This week in Church history

75 years ago

President Heber J. Grant and his counselors, President Anthony W. Ivins and President Charles W. Nibley, sent a message to the world through the Deseret News, Dec. 18, 1926.

Following are excerpts from that message:

"The year 1926 goes out and the new year comes in with the Church in the enjoyment of a full measure of peace and prosperity.

"Brotherly love and good fellowship prevail among the members; their confidence in the men who preside over the Church is unshaken; and their faith in the Lord, who stands at the head, is manifested by their good works. . . .

"We appeal to all people to come unto Christ and to accept Him as the Creator and Controller of the world. The salvation of the world depends upon their acknowledgement of the Savior and obedience to His commandments. In this way only can they secure lasting safety and peace.

"To the members of the Church we say: Stand ye in holy places; keep yourselves clean and unspotted from the sins of the world, that when His judgments pass over the earth, like Israel of old, you may be preserved."

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