Yucatan clean-up project

MERIDA, Mexico — More than 100 youth and their leaders from the four stakes of Merida, Mexico, located on the Yucatan Peninsula, gathered Dec. 22 as early as 8 a.m. with the goal of cleaning the bus parking area used by the buses that bring the patrons from the four corners of the Yucatan Peninsula. The property, which is adjacent to the Merida Mexico Temple, covers an area of more than 3,000 square yards and is a future site of the Church buildings and facilities.

merida stakes clean area new temple
merida stakes clean area new temple Photo: Photo by Fernando Gomez

The local members who participated in the cleanup worked under the hot sun, cutting weeds and jungle brush and gathering trash, broken glass, scrap metals and other debris that amounted to more than 500 cubic feet. They also cleaned up the building on the property, which will allow visiting patrons to have a more comfortable place to stay while they visit the temple.

"Their efforts demonstrate the love they have for their fellow members who visit the House of the Lord," said President Fernando Gomez of the Merida Mexico Temple.

"It was a very positive project," said Guillermo Solis. "The members worked with great enthusiasm, and we were happy as we collaborated in the cleanliness of the property adjacent to the temple. I feel that the activity helped us understand the importance of temple work and made us feel the Spirit of the Lord."

President Fermin Herrera Baeza of the Merida Mexico Central Stake said: "I was in charge of the project and to see the members arriving with their tools to help clean up with such spirit was an experience in itself. Those present made a commitment to maintain it clean for those patrons who come from out of town so they can have a more fruitful experience as they visit the Temple."

Bishop Alejandro Martinez of the Garcia Canek Ward said: "It was an electrifying experience to bring my young members and see them put in a total effort. When we finished we were tired but greatly blessed."

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