Olympic torch bearers

Many members of the Church carried the Olympic torch. Some are listed here; others have been featured in earlier editions. More will be featured in coming issues of the Church News.

Kathleen H. Barnes, East Mill Creek 12th Ward, Salt Lake East Millcreek North Stake, was asked by the Salt Lake Organizing Committee to carry the flame in honor of her late husband, N. Alan Barnes. He was director of interfaith relations for SLOC. Brother Barnes died Jan. 2, 2002.

Anita Rawlinson, Hilltop Ward, Billings Montana East Stake, is a singer and runner. She was chosen for her achievements despite asthma and allergies.

Leonard H. Trauntvein, Nephi 2nd Ward, Nephi Utah Stake, taught school for 30 years, he has been involved with politics and was a Scoutmaster for more than 14 years.

Trey Hall, Columbine 5th Ward, Littleton Colorado Columbine Stake, was involved in a crash that nearly took his life. His wife nominated him for his courage while he was rehabilitating.

Jana Christensen, 14, Rolling Hills Ward, Tucson Arizona Rincon Stake, was born partially paralyzed due to a stroke prior to her birth. She has limited use of her right side including her arm and hand; however she is a member of the Tucson Junior Strings Orchestra.

Carly Davis, 14, Lakeport Ward, Ukiah California Stake, was born with one hand, but works hard to compete on her 8th grade basketball team, plays soccer, has competed in the local swim club, volunteers at Shriner's Hospital and plays the trumpet.

Ken Luke, Tooele 8th Ward, Tooele Utah East Stake, was nominated by the students and staff at the elementary school where he's principal.

Lindsay Kjerstin Lofgren, 18, Sego Lily Ward, Sandy Utah Granite South Stake, is active in the Parent Teacher Student Association, drama club, soccer and basketball teams.

Jeff Bauserman, bishop in the Ashland Ward, Owingsville Kentucky Stake, was nominated by youth he has influenced and worked with as a Young Men president and an early morning seminary teacher.

Carlos Keller Rigby, 65, bishop in the Mount Vernon Ward, Mount Vernon Virginia Stake, is very active, although his foot and ankle were crushed in an accident. He also served in the Army in Vietnam.

Nicole Marie Hansen, 19, South Jordan 7th Ward, Country Park Stake, is former Miss Utah Teen. She was a representative for Partnership for a Drug Free America. She is, in part, responsible for changing arrest laws for anyone charged with "slipping" club drugs to unknown victims.

Heather Moon, Chelsea Park 1st Ward, Clearfield Utah South Stake, was nominated by a co-worker at a retirement home for her love, kindness and devotion to the people she serves.

Susan Robinson, Wasatch 4th Ward, Salt Lake Wasatch Stake, carried the torch in front of Shriner's Hospital in Salt Lake City, where she volunteers. She also has served at the Church Humanitarian Center and she makes hundreds of quilts every year for children.

Brett J. Hill, Goshen Ward, Firth Idaho Stake, was nominated by more than 45 students that he coaches and their parents. He has taken track and cross country high school teams to eight state championships.

Brent Carpenter, 51, 18th Ward, Logan Utah Central Stake, was born with palsy and struggles to communicate with words, but he boasts an infectious smile and an optimistic attitude. Many people from the town nominated him because he is always waving.

Bob Pickett, Rigby 5th Ward, Rigby Idaho Stake, was nominated by his daughter, Lelani, because he has been a good father who has always worked hard to provide for his family.

Erin Guenter leads an active lifestyle despite having a disability and has a desire to help others reach their potential. A member of the 9th Ward, Logan Cache Stake, she and her husband, Jonathan, also are part of a branch where she serves as the Relief Society president for the local jail.

Jeri Beeston, Heatheridge 5th Ward, Orem Utah Heatheridge Stake, has been an avid runner for 20 years. She plays the piano and is always trying to be involved with music.

Benjamin Magleby, BYU 100th Ward, BYU 20th Stake, was nominated by his roommate because "he is a light and inspiration to all."

Jack Harman, Acequia 2nd Ward, Rupert Idaho Stake, is dedicated to the Boy Scouts and he contributes to the community by doing many acts of anonymous service.

Marie Montoya, Brickyard Ward, Salt Lake Grant Stake, was in a car accident that left her with severe head injuries and the inability to pursue a theatre-dance major. However, she shares her talents whenever possible.

Robert and Larene Wyss, Holladay 1st Ward, Holladay Utah Stake, were among the last torchbearers to carry the flame for the 2002 Winter Olympics. Larene was nominated for her hours of community service and she passed the torch to Robert. He was nominated for overcoming health challenges and having a positive attitude.

Daniel Merkley, Logan 32nd Ward, Logan Utah South Stake, was selected by co-workers for his outstanding work with SLOC.

Chuck and Sorena DeWitt, Manila 7th Ward, Pleasant Grove Utah Manila Stake, carried the torch Feb. 6 in American Fork, Utah. Sister DeWitt nominated her husband for his lifelong service to children in the community through his work on the Board of Education and his service in Scouting. Sister DeWitt has served in the community, as well.

Brent Ferguson, Sunset Ward, Kaysville Utah Stake, ran 15 marathons and served in many Scouting positions.

Jennifer Jill Beckstead, Crescent Park 2nd Ward, Sandy Utah Crescent Park Stake, was a driver for the Olympic Torch Relay Committee. She logged more than 14,000 miles following the torch.

Jeff Edwards, 40, West Jordan 27th Ward, West Jordan Utah Stake, was nominated by his boss. He ran to honor his co-workers and friends who lost their lives in a plane crash in Malad, Idaho in 1996. They were promoting the Atlanta Olympics theme, "Carry the Torch," when they died. He said he carried the torch in their honor.

Jennifer Stephens, BYU 227th Ward, BYU 21st Stake, helped students with special needs during high school. She is studying elementary education and minoring in African studies. She plans to teach and establish literacy programs in Africa.

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