New stake presidencies

A new stake has been created in the Philippines.

The Bago Philippines Stake, which includes the Bago 1st and 2nd, Calumangan, Pulupandan 1st and 2nd and Valladolid wards, and the Mabini Branch, has been created by Elder Merrill C. Oaks of the Seventy.

Elsewhere, stakes have been reorganized in Argentina and Brazil, and in Arizona, Hawaii, New Jersey, Oregon and Utah.


BAGO PHILIPPINES STAKE: (Jan. 20, 2002) Created from the La Carlota Philippines Stake. President — Danilo C. De Los Santos, 40, college instructor for Isago City College; wife, Jona Fegidero De Los Santos. Counselors — Roberto Ester Guevarra, 50, plant mechanic operator; wife, Asuncion Toquirre Guevarra. Buenaventura Empinado Arellano, 53, part-time custodian for Church area office; wife, Balen Cabayen Arellano.


BAGE BRAZIL STAKE: (Feb. 24, 2002) President — Jose Alipio Freitas Echeverria, 39, lead hairdresser for Paramount Lansul; succeeding Cecer Ronaldo Loureiro Dutra; wife, Rosangela Idaigo de Medeiros Echeverria. Counselors — Jaime Zambrano Epifanio, 42, regional cooperative manager; wife, Eva Candida Fagundes Martins de Epifanio. Jose A. Ferreira, retained.

BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY 2ND STAKE: (March 10, 2002) President — K. Newell Dayley, 62, faculty member and administrator for BYU; succeeding Byron R. Merrill; wife, Diane Wilcox Dayley. Counselors — David J. Cherrington, 59, professor at BYU; wife, Marilyn Hope Daines Cherrington. Michael L. Ohman, 58, director of scholarships for BYU School of Music; wife, Sharon Elaine Windham Ohman.

BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY 4TH STAKE: (March 10, 2002) President — Rand Hugh Packer, 56, CES instructor at Orem Institute; succeeding Bruce L. Christensen; wife, Shirlee Davis Packer. Counselors — Don Robert Dowdle, 58, principal for Provo School District; wife, Lynette Haycock Dawdle. Alan Perry Malan, 49, teacher and principal for Church Educational System; wife, Kim Robertson Malan.

BYU-IDAHO 5TH STAKE: (March 3, 2002) President — Gary R. Wight, 54, owner and chief executive officer for Monte Wight Chevrolet; succeeding Donald C. Bird; wife, Pamela Funk Wight. Counselors — Bradford C. Bowen, 50, self-employed for Idahoan Foods; wife, Valerie Clement Bowen. Boyd L. Cardon, 60, math instructor for BYU-Idaho; wife, Terri Le Horrocks Cardon.

CEDAR CITY UNIVERSITY 3RD STAKE: (March 10, 2002) President — Daniel M. Jones, 56, instructor in Cedar City, Utah, for Church Educational System; succeeding Russell G. Bulloch; wife, JoAnn Duncan Jones. Counselors — Lloyd E. Kenney, 52, branch manager for Peterson Plumbing Supply; wife, Lynda Baldwin Kenney. Matthew Staheli, 46, self-employed certified anesthesia registered nurse; wife, Susan Snow Staheli.

EPHRAIM UTAH STAKE: (March 3, 2002) President — Richard W. Wheeler, 47, vice president of Snow College; succeeding Ralph Reed Brenchley; wife, Linda Nielson Wheeler. Counselors — Don A. Thompson, 61, self-employed oil jobber for Thompson Oil Co.; wife, Lynda Carver Thompson. James R. Luster, 60, professor for Snow College; wife, Joan Loomis Luster.

FLORIANOPOLIS BRAZIL STAKE: (Feb. 24, 2002) President — Adalton de Paula Parrela, 44, self-employed attorney/consultant; succeeding Gelso Bueno Cabral; wife, Delgia Maria Teixeira Parrela. Counselors — Nilson J. Moraes, retained. Wellington Luiz Silva Zacheu, retained.

LAIE HAWAII STAKE: (March 10, 2002) President — R. Eric H. Beaver, 40, president and chief executive officer for Hawaii Reserves Inc.; succeeding Merlin Delmar Waite; wife, Sharon Merlyn Feinga Beaver. Counselors — Devon Setema Enesa, 52, parole administrator, state of Hawaii; wife, Winona Teresa Akiona Enesa. Wendell Eugene Tuisaula, 33, assistant controller for Turtle Bay Resort; wife, Patsy Leone Mauga Tuisaula.

MAGNA UTAH STAKE: (March 10, 2002) President — Reed C. Wheeler, 50, Geographic Information Systems analyst for U.S. Forest Service; succeeding Larry H. Turner; wife, Valane Anderson Wheeler. Counselors — Gene W. Schmidt, 51, account executive for Newspaper Agency Corporation; wife, Mary Anne Jergensen Schmidt. Richard G. Elliott, 53, employed in ad sales for Newspaper Agency Corporation; wife, Annette Fraser Elliott.

MESA ARIZONA CITRUS HEIGHTS STAKE: (March 3, 2002) President — Richard March Gulbrandsen Sr., 47, attorney/partner for Skousen, Skousen, Golbrandsen & Patience P.C.; succeeding Marvin Edgar Turley; wife, Karen Skousen Gulbrandsen. Counselors — Reece A. Bawden, 49, president and chief executive officer for Quma Learning; wife, Ginny Lee Neeley Bawden. Kent Dixon Nelson, 47, staff physician for Mayo Clinic Scottsdale; wife, Kathleen Jo Dana Nelson.

MORRISTOWN NEW JERSEY STAKE: (March 3, 2002) President — G. Timothy Pettitt, 52, program manager for Kraft Foods North America; succeeding Richard A. Myers; wife, Liana Hansen Pettitt. Counselors — Daniel Stringham, 40, vice president and corporate counsel for Prudential Financial Inc.; wife, Susan E. Taylor Stringham. Laurence C. Greene, 59, chief credit officer for Plymouth Financial; wife, Rebecca Peterson Greene.

OREM UTAH COLLEGE 1ST STAKE: (March 3, 2002) President — Dell A. Willes, 48, superintendent for Layton Construction; succeeding Michael Wesley Farrer; wife, J'lene Adams Willes. Counselors — Carl S. Nielson, 53, superintendent for Nebo School District; wife, Judith Ann Reynolds. Kevin R. Russon, 45, operations technician for Flowserve Corp.; wife, Sheree Jensen Russon.

POSADAS ARGENTINA STAKE: (Mar. 3, 2002) President — Daniel Alberto Aranda, 38, department chief for state electrical company; succeeding Mario Cecilio Romero; wife, Julia Elba Sotelo de Aranda. Counselors — Adolfo Jose Fantini, 32, administrative assistant for Church area office; wife, Fabiana Edith Anzuate Fantini. Daniel Alberto Chevoievsky, 32, business employee for Derfler Ruben; wife, Dorys Beklys Bravo de Chevoievsky.

PRICE UTAH COLLEGE STAKE: (March 3, 2002) President — Stephen W. Clark, 53, institute instructor for Church Educational System; succeeding Michael A. Harrison; wife, Julie Anne Worden Clark. Counselors — Don J. Childs, 52, human resource manager for Energy West Mining; wife, Sharol Bea McArthur Childs. Keith William Cox, 46, general contractor for C&C Improvement; wife, Rachel Rigby Cox.

REDMOND OREGON STAKE: (March 10, 2002) President — R. David Perdue, 43, assistant principal for Redmond School District; succeeding Lukas L. Koomen; wife, Laura Lynne Call Perdue. Counselors — Gary O. Allen, 46, president and owner of Oaklynn Construction; wife, Mona Lynn Nelson Allen. Sherman D. Wright, 46, real estate broker for Century-21 Gold Country Realty; wife, Gay Lynne Norton Wright.

SALT LAKE UNIVERSITY 1ST STAKE: (March 3, 2002) President — Richard LeGrand Porter, 58, field consultant for LDS Church Educational System; succeeding Robert O. Boyer; wife, Sharon Jean Stringham Porter. Counselors — Roger Leslie Kirkham, 57, president, trainer and consultant for American Training Alliance; wife, Judy Ann Gowans Kirkham. Lynn Callister McMurray, 50, lawyer for Kirton & McConkie; wife, Charlene Hull McMurray.

SALVADOR BRAZIL NORTH STAKE: (March 3, 2002) President — Trajano Ayrton S. Lima Jr., 30, teacher for UEC-Language School; succeeding Sandro Quatel Silva; wife, Claudia Figueiredo de Souza Santos Lima. Counselors — Heltmar M. Gunca, 29, secretary; wife, Mariluce Gesteira Batista Gunca. Joao Lourenco Martins, 42, assistant administrator for Hildcan; wife, Mauners S. Peregia Martins.

SANTA CLARA UTAH STAKE: (Feb. 10, 2002) President — Paul F. Graf, 54, assistant attorney general for Utah Attorney General office; succeeding I. Lee Ence; wife, Kathryn Swensen Graf. Counselors — Daniel K. Frei, 50, dentist; wife, Patricia Kaye Smith Frei. Lee P. Esplin, 47, partner with Savage & Esplin, accountants; wife, Kimberly Hodgkinson Esplin.

TUCSON ARIZONA EAST STAKE: (March 3, 2002) President — Karl B. Kern, 49, professor of medicine at University of Arizona; succeeding A. Jay Busby; wife, Martha Louise Cummings Kern. Counselors — Craig Fernon Sanford, 45, owner and CPA of Busby Sanford Brady CPAs; wife, Cindy Alice Thelen Sanford. James D. Lee, 42, associate director for University of Arizona; wife, Kerilyn Jae Walker.

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