Flooding in Peru, Ecuador

Recent flooding impacted the lives of several members in Peru and Ecuador, while Church operations continued during civil unrest in Venezuela.

Three member families were forced from their homes after heavy rains caused flooding in northern Peru.

No members or missionaries were harmed. Although there are no reports of serious injury, the deluge directly affected some 5,000 Peruvians and caused extensive damage to crops and tourist beaches. There were also reports of livestock drowning, according to the Church Welfare Department.

No Church facilities were damaged.

Local Church leaders are assisting member victims though fast offerings and other resources.

Severe rainstorms also prompted flooding and landslides along the entire coast of Ecuador.

Several members had to leave their homes but no members were injured. All missionaries are also safe.

Flood waters reportedly claimed 23 lives and forced hundreds of families from their homes. Thousands of miles of roads and 74,000 acres of crops were also reportedly destroyed. Communications are also down in many areas, according to the Church Welfare Department.

Food from the bishops' storehouse in Quito and tents from the local Church distribution center have been provided to member victims.

No Church property was damaged.

Recent demonstrations and an attempted coup d'etat in Caracas are not believed to have interfered with Church operations in Venezuela.

There were no reports of injury to missionaries or members. Mission presidents have taken appropriate safety precautions in volatile areas to keep missionaries safe, said Church spokesman Dale Bills.

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