Extra copies of special issues are available

Extra copies of this special issue of the Church News, published in honor of the dedication of the Nauvoo Illinois Temple, and copies of the May 4 issue of Church News, which featured the construction of the temple, are available and both are priced at 50 cents. Postage in the United States is: 1, $.83; 2, $1.29; 3, $1.75; 4, $2.21; and 5, $2.67. Postage in Canada is 1, $1.10; 2, $1.60; 3, $2.10; 4, $3.10; and 5, $3.10 (U.S. funds only.)

The copies can be ordered at: Nauvoo edition, P.O. Box 1257, Salt Lake City Utah 84110. Copies can also be purchased at the Deseret News office, 30 East First South, Salt Lake City, Utah.

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