Nauvoo youth see temple through eyes of visitors

NAUVOO, Ill. — The challenge facing the youth of the Nauvoo 1st Ward since the temple was announced three years ago was to prevent the temple from becoming too routine, too commonplace in their lives, and to keep its significance fresh in their minds.

"The construction of the temple was constantly under their noses," said Laura Skog, Young Women president. "They see it almost every day. As youth leaders, we wanted to make the construction of the temple mean something of personal worth to them. We chose the theme: Temple under construction, Souls under construction."

To learn the significance of temples, the young people researched the history of other temples and identified spiritual events surrounding their construction. They also felt the Nauvoo Illinois Temple became their own when they were invited to hang crystals on the chandeliers.

To help the youth see the temple through the wide-eyed enthusiasm of tourists, the youth organized a video scavenger hunt during which they invited people standing in line for the open house to perform some simple antic, such as singing a song, for the camera.

By approaching people in line and asking their participation in their video, the youth learned to befriend strangers, and also learned to see the temple through the excitement of new eyes.

"They came back with smiles," said Sister Skog. The youth met to watch their videos following the dedication.

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