New Stake Presidents

Stakes have been reorganized in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Korea, Mexico, Peru, the Philippines and Uruguay, and in Idaho and Utah.


BACOLOD PHILIPPINES SOUTH STAKE: (June 2, 2002) President — Joel B. Macariola, 41, teacher for Church Educational System; succeeding Avelino N. Santillan; wife, Joan C. Sare Navarro Macariola. Counselors — Cesar P. Casaquite Sr., 60, custodian for Church area office; wife, Wilma Dela Pena Macarayo Casaquite. Jose Maria L. Plaza, 43, account development manager for Pepsi Cola; wife, Emma Espartero Absalon Plaza.

BUENOS AIRES ARGENTINA MERLO STAKE: (May 26, 2002) President — Mario Oscar Di Stepfano, 51, self-employed contractor; succeeding Horacio Enrique Adobatto R.; wife, Norma Rosa de Belosi B. de Di Stefano. Counselors — Abel Adrian Antoniletti, 43, assistant senior accountant for Church area office; wife, Maria Graciela Benitez de Antonietti. Ricardo Horacio Martinez, 37, radiologist for Eva Peron Hospital; wife, Celia Liliana Grandolis Martinez.

CAMPECHE MEXICO STAKE: (June 2, 2002) President — Javier Sanchez C., 41, merchant; succeeding Carios Puente Perez; wife, Francisca Guadalupe Gomez P. de Sanchez. Counselors — Sergio Daniel Cortes M., 37, assistant director of information for city of Campeche; wife, Grisela Luviano L. de Cortes. Cristobal de Jesus Montejo A., 49, employee of Mexican Oil; wife, Maria de Los Angeles Apolinar G. de Montejo.

FORTALEZA BRAZIL WEST STAKE: (May 26, 2002) President — Wandenberg Goncalves da Silva, 29, business representative for J. S. Maia Representatives LTDA; succeeding Joao Bosco Pereira Castro; wife, Marina Guedes Menezes de Goncalves da Silva. Counselors — Benedito Soares de Oliveira, 30, salesman for Loja Raselo; wife, Lilia Mara Reisi Pimenta R. de Oliveira. Alexandre Freitas Barreto Cavalcante, 28, assistant administrator for Oticas Boris; wife, Adriana Ponte Feitosa de Cavalcante.

GOSHEN UTAH STAKE: (June 16, 2002) President — Brent R. Laker, 58, associate director for BYU Bookstore; succeeding David B. Allred; wife, Janelle Riding Laker. Counselors — M. Brent Davis, 50, vice president of Davis Brothers Cabinetmakers; wife, Sherrill Sue Stong Davis. Steven Wayne Bateman, retained.

JOAO PESSOA BRAZIL RANGEL STAKE: (June 9, 2002) President — Miguel Pereira Neto, 47, salesman for Biolab Pharmaceutical LTDA; succeeding Jose Jorge da Silva; wife, Marlene Dos Santos Pereira de Neto. Counselors — Josadaque Cosme de Lima, 45, maintenance technician for Church Area office; wife, Maria Aparecida da Silva de Lima. Jose Roberto dos Santos, 47, regional manager; wife, Risomar Harrison Ferreira dos Santos.

LIMA PERU SAN MARTIN STAKE: (May 26, 2002) President — Jose Romero Z., 39, life insurance consultant for Intersafe; succeeding Luis Alberto Marino Moreno; wife, Lilia Noemi Asencios P. de Romero. Counselors — Alfredo Naucapoma T., 43, wood artisan; wife, Carmen Rosa Quinte R. de Naucapoma. Jose Castro, 43, manager for government office; wife, Mabel Marieta Palomino A. de Castro.

MELO URUGUAY STAKE: (May 19, 2002) President — Roberto Rener Sambucetti R., 37, teacher; succeeding Emir Jose Amaral Pellejero; wife, Maria Amelia Ricarte de Sambucetti. Counselors — Jorge Luis Gonzalez, 49, construction worker; wife, Gladys Moreira de Gonzalez. Luis Enrique Silvera S., 44, businessman; wife, Mary Lujan Rodriguez R. de Silvera.

POCATELLO IDAHO HIGHLAND STAKE: (June 16, 2002) President — Grand D. Finn, 46, chiropractic physician for West Clinic; succeeding Gerald A. Mead; wife, Deola Kay Harker Finn. Counselors — L. Kay Penrod, 64, major account specialist for U.S. Cellular; wife, Dawn Pitcher Penrod. Kyle V. Anderson, 46, self-employed building contractor and part-owner of Anderson-Hodge Construction; wife, Rebecca Louise Richins Anderson.

SALEM UTAH STAKE: (June 23, 2002) President — L. Dean Egbert, 45, emergency physician for Mountain View Hospital; succeeding Leaun Glen Otten; wife, Janet Finch Egbert. Counselors — Russell Kay Hanson, 48, operations manager for Novell Inc.; wife, Carolyn Wilson Clyde Hanson. Ransom Howard Love, 43, chief executive officer and founder of Caldera Systems International; wife, Nyla Sue Stein Love.

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