Ways of knowing the Savior

REXBURG, Idaho — During a BYU-Idaho Education Week devotional June 29, Elder Stephen D. Nadauld, former member of the Second Quorum of the Seventy, defined multiple ways of knowing the Savior.

He began by outlining the various degrees of knowledge about others.

"We may say that we know someone by reputation, or we know their writings, or their paintings or their music. Sometimes we infer that because we know someone, we have influence with them. In fact, we often impute great importance to knowing someone, as in 'to get something done, you have to know the right people,' " Elder Nadauld said.

After posing the questions, "In this life, what is it you would really like to get done?" and "Who is the right person to know?" he read Mosiah 26: 24-27. He then explored the concept of what it really means to know the Lord and how that knowledge is useful.

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