Members present oratorio

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho — Through sacred music and the spoken word, members of 11 stakes here shared the life and mission of Jesus Christ with community members and friends at the Idaho Falls Civic Auditorium. The original oratorio, "He Is the Light of the World," was performed five times July 24-27, and includes 15 sacred anthems.

"In the past two years nearly 6,000 people have witnessed the oratorio," said Kathryn Wright-Robinson, who spent two years researching and writing the script and music for the oratorio, presented in its second year in July.

With a cast of more than 100, the oratorio begins with a scene taken from an experience of two missionaries in the early 1900s in the South coming upon the funeral of a little boy who had drowned. The grieving parents are told their child, who had not been baptized, was lost forever. After everyone but the parents leave, the missionaries approach them and say, "We are servants of the Lord and we have come with a message for you."

The hoped-for-results of the oratorio, Sister Wright-Robinson said, is that people "will understand what our temples are about. Full time missionaries brought investigators, one of whom, after witnessing the pageant, expressed a desire to be baptized. Child participants approached with tears and hugs after the final presentation. One of them said, 'My life has been changed forever.' "

Sponsoring stakes were the Idaho Falls, Idaho Falls East, Idaho Falls West, Idaho Falls South, Idaho Falls North, Idaho Falls Ammon, Idaho Falls Lincoln, Idaho Falls Eagle Rock, Idaho Falls Ammon West, Ucon and Iona stakes.

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