Pres. Hinckley expresses love, concern for children

OREM, Utah — In an expression of his love and concern for children, President Gordon B. Hinckley visited the Primary in the Canyon View 4th Ward, Orem Utah Canyon View Stake, Aug. 4. President Hinckley, who was accompanied by Sister Marjorie Hinckley, had attended sacrament meeting here when they decided to visit the ward's Primary children.

The children in the packed room greeted the Church president and his wife with the Primary song, "Follow the Prophet." In his greeting and brief remarks, President Hinckley said: "Boys and girls, it is nice to be with you. My goodness, there are so very many of you. This is a ward of children, handsome little children, beautiful little children. Tiny little girls with bright faces and little boys, some of them with freckles on their noses. How nice it is to be here to express my love for you, you boys and girls who are members of the Church.

"What a great and marvelous thing it is to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ — Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the Savior and the Redeemer of the world. What a privilege that is. We are all Latter-day Saints. We belong to this great Church.

"The Lord loves you. When the Savior was upon the earth, He spoke of His love for little children, and I want to echo that same sentiment that I love you, all of you little children. I hope you are good boys and girls. I hope you behave yourselves. I hope you are kind to your parents. I hope you are kind to your teachers.

"May the Lord bless you. May you enjoy Primary very much when you come here. May heaven's blessings rest with you is my humble prayer."

The ward's Primary president, Camille Buhman, said of the visit, "You could have heard a pin drop. It was reverent and quiet. The prophet sat among the children. I asked him if he wanted to come and sit behind the pulpit. He said, 'No, I'm fine here.'

"He was so kind and gracious. He and Sister Hinckley were so gracious."

When asked how the children responded to the Church president's visit, she replied simply, "Big eyes."

Three weeks earlier, Sister Buhman added, the ward Primary had used the Church video, "Sharing Time with President Gordon B. Hinckley."

"I thought then, it was the best Sharing Time. I was wrong."

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