Updated PAF 5.2 available

The software for recording personal family history, Personal Ancestral File, has been updated and is available on the Church's website for a free download. The new version, PAF 5.2, was produced to correct some commonly reported issues from customers.

The new version can be installed without having to uninstall previous versions of PAF. PAF 5.2 will simply replace the old version and retain all the existing preference settings.

Attributes of the new software are:

  • Fully compatible with Windows XP.
  • TempleReady Update Files (OUP files) can now be added to a PAF database. Update files are created by TempleReady when you use a PAF GEDCOM file with TempleReady. TempleReady puts information about completed ordinances into an update file, and these updates can then be applied to the original PAF file.
  • Starting dates for new temples and additional new temples have been added.
  • All printers supported by Windows should now work with PAF. In addition, problems with line spacing, duplications and omissions across pages, not sorting correctly on given names or pictures when printing to file, and various other problems with reports have been fixed.

    A number of other improvements have been made, including better global search and replace for names, temple codes, and notes, elimination of duplicate notes, sources, citations and repositories, and better merge/match functions. Also, File Restore now works on multi-disk backups on Windows ME and XP.

    To get the download, go to the FamilySearch site, then to Order/Download Products, then to Software downloads - Free, and then to Personal Ancestral File 5.2. After filling out information about the user, you will find a screen with various language versions for the download.

    A CD version of PAF 5.2 will be available at Church Distribution centers later this month.

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