Church News: Obituaries

Dennis Ray Hassell, 79, former president of the Canada Halifax Mission, died Aug. 4, 2002, in Sonora, Calif. He was a former stake president and bishop.

Cleo Cranney Hinckley died Sept. 30, 2002, at her home in Salt Lake City — just days short of her 112th birthday. When she celebrated her 110th birthday on Oct. 13, 2000, her name was added to a select list known as "supercentenarians," those who live to an extreme old age. Sister Hinckley and her husband, Ira Parnell Hinckley, were married Sept. 3, 1919, in the Salt Lake Temple by Elder James E. Talmage.

Mayola Rogers Miltenberger, 89, former executive secretary to the Relief Society general presidency from 1968 to 1984, died Oct. 1, 2002, in Mesa, Ariz. Sister Miltenberger, who had a master's degree in social work, was instrumental in developing the LDS Social Services in Arizona, California and Idaho.

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