Church to appeal ruling on plaza

The Church will appeal the ruling announced Oct. 9 by the 10th Circuit Court in Denver in relation to the pedestrian plaza on what used to be a section of Main Street in downtown Salt Lake City.

The Church's response, which came within hours after the ruling was announced, referred to the decision by the 10th Circuit Court as "very troubling."

"In substance, the 10th Circuit has ruled that even though the Church paid more than $8 million for the Main Street property and millions more to improve it, the Church has little right to control what occurs on that property," said Von Keetch, attorney for the Church in the matter.

"We find that ruling very troubling. While we respect the court's decision, we believe this issue is so important that it deserves a review by the full court."

The decision was rendered by a three-judge panel on behalf of the court.

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