New stake presidencies

Two new stakes have been created in Brazil and Utah.

The Eagle Mountain Utah West Stake, which includes the Cedar Fort, Eagle Mountain 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th and White Hills wards, has been created by Elder David E. Sorensen of the Seventy.

The Salvador Brazil Liberdade Stake, which includes the Barbalho, Bonfim, Liberdade, Periperi and Sao Caetano wards, has been created by Elder Adhemar Damiani of the Seventy.

Elsewhere, stakes have been reorganized in Brazil, England, Japan, Kenya, Kiribati, Mexico, Peru, the Philippines, and in Florida, Montana, Washington and Wyoming.


EAGLE MOUNTAIN UTAH WEST STAKE: (Sept. 22, 2002) Created from the Eagle Mountain Utah Stake. President — D. Harry Draper, 50, vice president of Rhinehart Oil; wife, Vickie Lynn Anderson Draper. Counselors — James B. Mooring, 32, self-employed financial adviser; wife, April Michelle Larsen Mooring. Terry E. Messersmith, 43, owner of TNT General Contractors; wife, Tammy Lee McCauley Messersmith.

SALVADOR BRAZIL LIBERDADE STAKE: (Sept. 15, 2002) Created from the Salvador Brazil North Stake. President — Heitmar Maturino Gunca, 30, Church Educational System employee; wife, Mari Luce Gesteira Batista de Gunca. Counselors — Juaclides Santos Sampaio, 58, retired military officer; wife, Carmen Lucia Sousa Sampaio. Benicio Silva Santos, 28, manager for Flashpoint Record; wife, Cibelia Ferreira Fontes de Santos.


CAJAMARCA PERU STAKE: (Aug. 17, 2002) President — Enrique Perez O., 35, self-employed business consultant; succeeding Abel Javier Romo Garcia; wife, Carmen del Sororpo Villena R. de Perez. Counselors — Luis Asuncion Vallejos F., 47, university professor; wife, Elaine Celide Cacho E. de Vallejos. Wilfredo Ruiz G., 2 ; wife, Jenny Olortegui A. de Ruiz.

EVANSTON WYOMING STAKE: (Sept. 22, 2002) President — Scott A. Pilch, 44, engineer in charge for Schlumberger; succeeding Charles Richard Nixon; wife, Carrie Jeanne South Pilch. Counselors — Aaron R. Martin, 58, self-employed rancher; wife, Nancy Marie Handley Martin. Cleve Erickson, 48, senior mechanic for Church area office; wife, Annie K. Kennington Erickson.

FORTALEZA BRAZIL LITORAL STAKE: (Aug. 18, 2002) President — Romualdo Rosario da Silva, 38, contractor for Rosil Dedetizadora; succeeding Miguel Alves dos Santos; wife, Silvania Maria Aguiar Rosario. Counselors — Serafim Rodrigues Lima Filho, 49, director and president of Funecred; wife, Juraci Francesa Monteiro Filho. Lazaro Oliveira Dos Santos, 26, assistant cable installer for RTC-TV Cable; wife, Francisca Geroiza Ferreira de Souza Santos.

HELENA MONTANA STAKE: (Sept. 22, 2002) President — Sam Madison Allred, 42, chairman of Anderson Zurmuehlen; succeeding Wayne Allen Wetzel; wife, Marlene Teichert Allred. Counselors — H. Lee Holmes, 57, teacher for Helena High School; wife, Avone Marie Wood Holmes. Randl Winn Ockey, 52, owner of Wheelwright Publishing Services; wife, Catherine Wheelwright Ockey.

LAKE MARY FLORIDA STAKE: (Sept. 15, 2002) President — Douglas B. Carter, 48, chief financial officer for Hughes Electronics; succeeding James Clay Watkins; wife, Debra Ann Chytraus Carter. Counselors — W. Michael Ingalls, 46, pediatric dentist; wife, Roxanne Wagner Ingalls. Kevin D. Bush, 38, self-employed writer; wife, Michelle Suzette Killpack Bush.

MARILIA BRAZIL STAKE: (Sept. 15, 2002) President — Luiz Carlos Porto, 39; succeeding Sebastiao Henrique Neto; wife, Edna Santana Porto. Counselors — Luiz Francisco, retained. Sebastiao de Oliveira, 55, retired; wife, Maria Auxiliadora Conleicao Oliveira.

NAIROBI KENYA STAKE: (Sept. 8, 2002) President — Hesbon Otieno Usi, 39, facilities management supervisor for Church area office; succeeding Joseph Wafula Sitati; wife, Atieno Consolata Dsano Usi. Counselors — Daniel Musango Muthiani, retained. Gideon Muliro Matwale, 53, archivist for National Museum of Kenya; wife, Emily Anyona Matwale.

NARVACAN PHILIPPINES STAKE: (Sept. 15, 2002) President — Pasty A. Panizares Jr., 47, master teacher; succeeding Virgilio A. Pacquing; wife, Linda Villanueva Panizares. Counselors — Diosdado C. Dacquel, 54, self-employed farmer; wife, Socorro de Guyman Dacquel. George J. Rapanut, 31, salesman for Deseret Enterprises; wife, Elsie Bayani Herrera Rapanut.

OSAKA JAPAN STAKE: (Sept. 8, 2002) President — Takao Yokoo, 50, administrative officer for Kashinara city office; succeeding Tatsuhiro Kawano; wife, Tsugumi Matsuo Yokoo. Counselors — Yasumasa Kochi, 53, team leader for Fukushima Honing Industrial Co. Ltd.; wife, Ituko Kurogi Kochi. Naohiro Irie, 36, truck driver for Eikou Rikuun; wife, Hiromi Veno Irie.

OTHELLO WASHINGTON STAKE: (Sept. 8, 2002) President — William Lance Leavitt, 47, self-employed farmer; succeeding Brad Kaye Risenmay; wife, Marsha Rae Rotha Leavitt. Counselors — Jerald K. Allred, 49 self-employed farmer; wife, Chriss Rae Niessner Allred. Veral H. Hansen, 58, employed in hay acquisitions for Agri-Pac; wife, Michael Jeane Spencer Hansen.

PACHUCA MEXICO CENTRO STAKE: (Sept. 8, 2002) President — Jose Margarito Ortega M., 38, general manager for Meconstanos Industries; succeeding Hector Jaime Mendez; wife, Rocio Mora R. de Ortega. Counselors — Hector Ruben Osorio B., 43, director for department of social education and culture; wife, Maria Aide Merida I. de Osorio. Claudio Morales L., 36, regional coordinator for Church Educational System; wife, Maria Teresa Gutierrez de Morales.

SALTILLO MEXICO MIRAVALLE STAKE: (Sept. 8, 2002) President — Hernan Aguillon M., 40, self-employed; succeeding Reynaldo Mancillas Gonzalez; wife, Norma Soriano G. de Aguillon. Counselors — Oscar Flores F., 59, superintendent for Beig W. Industries; wife, Maria Dolores Salas N. de Flores. Boanerges Cedeno R., 34, assistant investigator for Quimica Investigation Center; wife Irma Guadalupe Rodriguez G. de Cedeno.

SUNDERLAND ENGLAND STAKE: (Sept. 15, 2002) President — Norman John Johnson, 36 owner of Norman Johnson Motors; succeeding Terence Owen Cawthorne; wife, Jayne Watson Braithwaite Johnson. Counselors — John Watson Braithwaite, 66, retired; wife, Edna Mary McCoy Braithwaite. Barry Webb, 47, assistant manager for MPM Investments; wife, Maureen Greener Webb.

TARAWA KIRIBATI STAKE: (Sept. 15, 2002) President — Iotua Bareeta Tune, 44, Kiribati director for Church Educational System; succeeding Levita Lamese; wife, Maii Toanimatang Tune. Counselors — Eneri Tongoi , 43, seminary teacher for Church Educational System; wife, Tiairi Tune Tongoi. Wiriton Matiota, 51, assistant director for Moroni High School; wife, Lucy Muller Matiota.

VALLE DEL MEZQUITAL MEXICO STAKE: (Sept. 8, 2002) President — Hugo Fernando Gomez B., 48, contractor; succeeding Felipe de Jesus Olguin Herrera; wife, Ceron Elizabeth Garcia de Gomez. Counselors — Emilo Dominguez L., 35, assistant accountant for Boxco; wife, Guadalupe Castro Aguilar de Dominguez. Alejandro Quezada Guzman, 29, sales agent for Olsa Distributors; wife, Margarita Bautostor C. de Guzman.

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